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Eiri Yuki


Eiri Yuki is quite an interesting character. Having a very stubborn and blunt personality, it's amazing how many women fall for him regardless. As an established writer of love novels, he's won Japanese Literature Awards for his notable skills. He is very critical of anything in writing, and this is probably one of the reasons he coldly insults Shuichi's lyrics. Yuki does not mind isolation and has an expression of indifference and uninterest for the crazy fangirls who pursue him. Yuki is quite isolated in the beginning of the series and lives in a gigantic mansion by himself. He is more dominant and opts mostly for his pleasure only. Upon his first meets with Shindou Shuichi, his dislike for the boy is very apparent. However, Yuki is not dumb, and he knows that Shuichi has feelings for him since their first meeting in the park. For his own reasons, Yuki kisses Shuichi around the second day they meet, even though he once told Shuichi that he wasn't interested in other guys.

Yuki has a habit of smoking and drinking, but not too excessively. One may conclude that he smokes to ease the pain of his past, for he's been trying for the entire series to forget the memories. He takes medicine and tranquilizers on a regular basis to help him endure the pain of his memories, but Shuichi's presence and his uncanny resemblance to Yuki's younger self has forced him to slowly recall his past. This is why he was later hospitalized, for his condition had become worse. Yuki tends to push Shuichi away again and again, repeatedly saying negative things to him and lowering Shuichi's spirits. However, Yuki's simply trying to keep Shuichi from harm, since he thinks Shuichi is better off without him.

Aside from Shuichi, Yuki has many other people who love him. His sister Mika cares quite a bit about him, but Yuki always pushes her away and does not tell her anything. Mika's husband Tohma also expresses feelings towards Yuki, not only as his brother-in-law, but even more at times. It seems Tohma may have a thing for Yuki.^_^

Shindou Shuichi


Shuichi, the star and main character of the show, is a pink haired, super-genki and talented vocalist of the band Bad Luck. Shuichi is usually seen as a bouncy and energetic boy who doesn't quite act his age of 19. While he's not the smartest or the most mature, he comes across as a fun-loving person and he can somehow move others around him. Right from the very start, his appearance captured the fans, as he utters "la li ho!" to his friend and manager/producer. Right away Shuichi's making the viewers laugh with his cute expressions and funny outbursts. But one can see some seriousness in him and how much he loves singing. Tohma and Ryuichi both think of him as an interesting individual. Tohma has never seen someone like Shuichi, innocent and pure, who just wants to love and help Yuki and expect nothing in return. Tohma and K also noticed that Shuichi was a lot like Ryuichi, that goes not only for looks and behavior, but also for talent.^_^

Shuichi's ultimate goal is to succeed as a vocalist and have Bad Luck be a huge hit. Towards the beginning, his wish was only to be second best, as he looked up to Ryuichi and admired him for everything. Shuichi even cut his hair Ryuichi-style and uses the same shampoo as him. o.O He had decided since middle school to be like Ryuichi and sing his heart out. Towards the end of the series, his goal changes slightly. He no longer wants to be second best. He was to shine right along side of Ryuichi. Shuichi is the kind of person who wouldn't hesitate to speak his mind, and he's pretty blunt about it. Considering the fact that he screamed out his proclaimation for Yuki in the middle of his live concert or come up with the most stupid reason for Hiro to return to Bad Luck during a live interview, Shuichi does not hesitate or think about the consequences. However, with the help of Ryuichi, Hiro, Yuki and others, he was able to 'shine' at his performance and succeed as a top vocalist. Whether or not Bad Luck is as good as Nittle Grasper is left for us fans to decide. ^__^

Seguchi Tohma

Tohma's pretty multi-faceted character, he is the second member of Nittle Grasper aside from Noriko and Ryuichi, he is the keyboardist along with Noriko. He is president of NG Productions, a huge company that supports several J-pop/rock bands such as ASK and Bad Luck. Tohma is used to getting what he wants, he's a powerful character with many connections. :D He's a very collected and calm character, always greeting people with a warm smile. He is the only person besides Mika to know and understand about Yuki's past. He was the one to find Yuki after he shot his abusers, and he blames himself for Yuki's tragedy. He and Yuki are more than good friends, Tohma thinks of himself as Yuki's guardian. He would go to extreme measures to make sure that Yuki is protected from any sort of harm, physically or emotionally. Yuki is the most important person in his life, he even confesses this. He almost killed Tachi for toying with Yuki and threatening him, and he has told Shuichi more than once to stay away from Yuki after he threw up blood.

Fujisaki Suguru

Suguru is the third member of the band Bad Luck other than Hiroshi and Shuichi. He is a very talented sixteen year old as well as the synthesizer of the band. Although he's the youngest one of the band by a couple of years, he is nevertheless any less talented than the rest. This may be because he's the cousin of Seguchi Tohma. ^_^ Shuichi was very mad when he found out that Tohma had made a decision to recruit another member for Bad Luck. He thought that Bad Luck could only consist of Hiroshi and him. He wasn't any happier upon hearing Suguru synthesize the Rage Beat, in fact, he was shocked. He was shocked that a sixteen year old could be so talented and could make the Rage Beat seem better with the synthesizing. Suguru was very nice and intended to do his best to live up to the expectations of Tohma.

Suguru is a smart person who has at least some knowledge with producing music. He tolerates and puts up with Shuichi's rapid mood swings (mostly due to Yuki's behavior) but sometimes enough is enough. He is there when Shuichi goes out of control in front of the press, like the time Hiro decided to leave and Shuichi was going to announce his retirement. Shuichi utterly broke loose and said that without Hiro, Bad Luck would not be able to surpass Nittle Grasper, because..."Nittle Grasper has no guitarist!!!!" Suguru grabbed Shuichi by the collar and started to shake him XDD saying "What kind of stupid reason is that? Hiro-san won't come back because of that!" Besides an angry face here and there, Suguru is pretty much always calm and doing what he thinks is best for the band. He's the one that really holds the band together at times.

Uesugi Tatsuha

Tatsuha's first appearance is in episode 5. He is Yuki's younger brother, who looks almost exactly the same as him except for the hair color.^^ In fact, Shuichi confused him with Yuki when he first met him. XD He has an serious obsession with Sakuma Ryuichi and has all of his videos, gone to all his concerts, calls Ryuichi "my honey," etc etc. He gets a little obsessive on the mention of Ryuichi, glomping the television and all that. XD Tatsuha also has a habit of "trespassing and molesting children," as Yuki put it.^^ Upon his first encounter with Shuichi, he glomps Shuichi and pins him to the floor because his resemblance to Ryuichi. <.<

Tatsuha first came to Tokyo to look for Ayaka and to try and bring her back to Kyoto. He sort of disappears afterwards for a couple of episodes and returns at a critical moment for Shuichi, in which Yuki had just proposed to Ayaka after breaking up with Shuichi. Tatsuha helps Shuichi realize that he has a last chance and takes him to Yuki, where Shu-chan does his cute/incredibly dumb thing and somehow gets Yuki to like him again. o.0 Tatsuha can be tricky when he wants to, and he's pretty much a care-free person. He doesn't seem to have much burden on him and he doesn't get on his father's nerves as much as Yuki does. XD Although he's not seen too often, he is a comic relief as well as an important person for the show.

K(Crawd Winchester)

*sigh* K...he's a interesting one. :P Now you may be thinking, why on Earth does his name sound so American? ^_^ Crawd Winchester is more commonly known as K, the ex-manager of the famous Sakuma Ryuichi and current manager of Bad Luck. His name is so American-sounding because he is American. He speaks English pretty well, although he does have an accent here and there.^^ K is hilariously funny, he was once in secret service, and his shooting abilities prove no less. He appears in episode 2 of the anime series along with Sakuma Ryuichi, having came all the way from America. He was Sakuma Ryuichi's former manager, but is now Bad Luck's manager whereas Sakano is now only the producer. K has a thing for weaponry and threats. The way he approaches Bad Luck is by bursting in with a handgun and demanding that they come with him. It's a hilarious scene with Shuichi screaming "please spare my life!" He has many connections in the world of music producing, and he was able to reserve some popular places for Bad Luck to perform.

K is basically seen as a comic relief of the series, along with Shuichi. He tends to use some interesting methods to get Bad Luck moving and become popular. Without K, Bad Luck would probably never have become as popular as they are now, ans certainly not as quick either. After Nittle Grasper seperated, Ryuichi went solo in the U.S., and it was K who made Ryuichi a popular star in the United States through his connections. K is rather used to doing things his way and his way only. If someone's not cooperating, he'll probably find some way (usually involving weapons) to get them to do what he wants. But he is essential as a manager who does an awesome job of managing Bad Luck and whipping Shuichi back into shape once in a while, especially after a temporary breakup between Shuichi and Yuki. Bad Luck's success is only partly due to K's marvelous connections. The rest is due to K's hard and dedicated work

Nakano Hiroshi

Nakano Hiroshi is better known as Hiro. He is also a pretty straightforward guy, caring, talented, charming, and extremely brilliant. During a quiz show, he answered every single question right with a terribly bored look on his face. ^^ He is probably the best friend someone could ever have, and Shuichi is certainly lucky to have him as a friend. Hiro is bisexual and was in love with Shuichi in the beginning of the series. When he found out that Shuichi has fallen for Eiri Yuki, he was cool about it. Hiro cares deeply about Shuichi and takes care to let others know that. He once told Yuki that if Shuichi ever has any reason to cry, other than out of his own stupidity, he would never forgive Yuki. After Usami Ayaka came into Hiro's life, he seemed to fall for her. This was confirmed when he confessed it to Shuichi.

Hiro is usually calm and mature, but after he started dating Usami Ayaka, he seems to lighten up a bit, going off on ten hour long phone calls and such. Even when he first met her, he went to an all night karaoke with her. <_< Hiro is always giving advice because as soon as something goes wrong with Yuki, Shuichi would come running to Hiro to pour out his feelings. Time after time, Hiro gives him advice on how to sort things out with Yuki, even though he's somewhat jealous of Yuki. As a guitarist, there wasn't much shown in the anime regarding his abilities. He certainly has talent, but Tohma once mentioned that there are better guitarists in NG Productions.

Overall, Hiro is brilliant, talented, caring, and handsome.^^ He's a pretty well rounded guy who gives good advice and can be silly once in a while.

Ukai Noriko

Noriko is the third and youngest member of Nittle Grasper, she is the other keyboardist besides Tohma. She's a very bright, genki and charming girl who likes to be dramatic at times. ^_^ Her first anime appearance is in episode 8, having been called back to Japan with the revival of Nittle Grasper. She's a pretty minor character, so there isn't much information about her. She loves Ryuichi a lot, he's a good friend of hers. She was called back to Japan by Tohma and she said she came because of Ryuichi. XD She could never hate him.^-^

Noriko has a family. She is married to Testuya Ukai, a well-known professor of Ishigawa university. He is very judgemental about food and is also known for it.^^ Together the two have a six year old child named Saki Ukai. Noriko's relationships with her husband and her child are not mentioned either in the anime or the manga, as I said before, little information is known about her. x.x


Sakano was both the manager and producer for Bad Luck in the beginning of the series. However, he wasn't so good as the manager, Tohma found Shuichi's behavior intolerable and fired him as a manager. Now, he is only the producer of Bad Luck while K becomes the manager. Sakano's first name has never been mentioned in the anime or the manga, and everyone simply calls him Sakano or Sakano-san. Sakano works under Tohma and obeys his every orders. He is constantly trying to please Tohma with Bad Luck's successes and gets quite nervous whenever something goes wrong. Even as the producer, he makes little decisions on his own and he is always turning to Seguchi Tohma or letting K run the show. The only time that he made a decision without K's consent was when Tohma told him to do so. ^_^

In the end, Sakano does make 1 decision on his own. That is, after he plead for help was rejected by Tohma. When Shuichi lost his voice, he orders a roomful of sumo wrestlers to pile up on Shuichi. Obviously, Sakano thought this would bring Shuichi's voice back somehow. O_o For the most part, he does his job of producing and let K manage the band. Since K has a tendency to go to the extreme, and Sakano has the tendency of making everything seem like a crisis, Sakano is always alarmed at K's bold decisions or Shuichi's rapid changing mood.

Usami Ayaka

Ayaka is royalty, being the only daughter of the Temple hotel, and her hometown is Kyoto. She makes her first appearance in episode five, almost taken advantage of by some men, but luckily Shuichi and Hiro were near by. Shuichi and Hiro rescued her from the men and took her to dinner. Later Hiro said he would take her to 'safety.'^^ (We find out later that they went to an all night karaoke club) It turns out that Tatsuha has come to look for her after she ran away from home to come to Tokyo and find Yuki. Shuichi unknowningly does Ayaka a favor by taking her to see Yuki, and there Shuichi finds out that Ayaka is Yuki's fiancee.

Ayaka loves Yuki, but Yuki does not return those feelings. Yuki's father fully supports his relationship with Ayaka, Ayaka was pretty much forced into marriage even though Yuki didn't exactly love her. Perhaps it's to pop Ayaka's little bubble of hope, but Yuki told Ayaka that he is with Shuichi for the first time. Ayaka is sort of a tool for Yuki, and a willing one too. -.- When the news of Shuichi giving up on Yuki reached her, she told Shuichi that she had accepted Yuki's proposal to her and that his relationship with Yuki has officially ended. Yuki basically used Ayaka to try and push Shuichi away, but as Shuichi proved later, it took more than that.^^ After Shuichi and Yuki's relationship is a little more secured, Ayaka and Hiro began dating^^ since Hiro was in love with her

Sakuma Ryuichi

Sakuma Ryuichi is a hilariously cute character that you can't dislike. He is incredibly gifted and talented in singing, and he is part of Nittle Grasper, the legendary band that sold millions of CDs in just two days. He is 31 years old but for the majority of the time, he acts exactly like a 3 year old. After Nittle Grasper split up, Ryuichi headed off to America to do solo works under K's management. Through K, Ryuichi became a star almost immediately. Ryuichi makes his debut appearance in episode 2 with K, having just came back from the U.S. He went to Bad Luck's opening act along with K and Seguchi Tohma. It was Ryuichi who helped Shuichi get through his first opening act, since Shuichi was in shock from seeing Yuki.

Ryuichi has a stuffed bunny named Kumagoro, it is super cute and he plays with it all the time. He would use it to cheer people up or make them realize that it's ok to have fun once in a while. He acts as if Kumagoro is a living, feeling, real character,^^ always speaking to it and for it. :D He acts very cute almost all the time, but when he starts to sing, it looks as if his personality had completely changed, from a 3 year old to an actual 31 year old. Once on stage, Ryuichi is very serious and sings with a great deal of feeling. His performances would leave Shuichi in shock and crying, thinking that he will never surpass the God-like vocalist Ryuichi. Ryuichi thinks of Shuichi as his friend though, and even asked for his autograph.^-^ Overall, Sakuma Ryuichi is the adorable, extremely talented vocalist of Nittle Grasper. :D

Members of ASK

Aizawa Tachi is the leader and vocalist of the band ASK. He's pretty selfish and a sore loser. He can be protrayed as the villain in Gravitation, but his motives were not entirely pure evil. He was jealous of Bad Luck's popularity and continuously threatened Yuki and Shuichi. He even abused Shuichi in order to get what he wants. Although his actions were wrong, he was only trying to help his band and achieve success in the music world. In the end, he does realize that he's got friends like Ma-chan and Ken-kun, who forgave him for all he's done. He also realizes that they can be a successful band even though they may have to compete against Bad Luck. XD

Quick Stats:
Name: Aizawa Tachi
Spelling Alternatives: Taki
DOB: June 1st
Age: 22
Blood Type: A

Ma-kun is another member of ASK. He isn't show very much throughout the series, but he and Ken-kun are almost always near Tachi when they do appear on screen. Ma-kun and Ken-chan also take the punishment along with Tachi when Yuki comes for revenge. He's actually pretty friendly to Shuichi and the gang, he did not support Tachi's behavior towards Bad Luck and his thoughts of bring Bad Luck down. He was fully concerned for Tachi as he sees him fail at each attempt to humiliate Bad Luck.

Quick Stats:
Name: Ma-kun
DOB: October 4th
Age: 23

Ken-chan is the third member of ASK. He's pretty much like Ma-kun, concerned about Tachi's plans to ruin Bad Luck and getting the punishment for what Tachi did. Poor Ma-kun ended up getting beaten up by Yuki. Ken-chan isn't shown very much throughout the series either, but he was there along with Ma-kun when Tachi walked out of the stadium depressed during the last episode. They were happy that Tachi's pretty much given up on Bad Luck and they have their Tachi back.^^

Seguchi Mika

Seguchi Mika is Tohma's wife and Yuki's sister. She cares about Yuki a lot and is always dropping by to talk to him and advise him of certain things. She is one of the people who know about Yuki's past and advised Yuki about Shuichi. Yuki doesn't like her approaching him so often and telling him what to do. She's also tried to take Yuki back to their parents, since Yuki hasn't been back home for a while and has no intention to return. She is a woman with power and persuaded Shuichi to ask Yuki to return home. She as the ability to get Tohma to do almost anything for her, and she promised NG's full support if Shuichi did the favor. Oddly enough, she seems to be the dominant one in her relationship with Tohma.^-^

Aside from Yuki, Tohma is probably the other person that Mika cares the most about. Although Mika doesn't seem to come in much contact with Tohma, she cares about him a lot and doesn't mind Tohma's 'fondness' for Yuki. Mainly, Mika cares about Yuki and Tohma, and as long as nothing's troubling them, she's happy. :D With any sort of trouble, she will go out of her way to end sort it out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Mika drives a red car. ^-^

Minor Characters

Rage is Shuichi's manager in New York. She's 18 years old and has her birthday on November 15. She doesn't like it when people think she's just a plain girl. XD She's got a thing for Shuichi but treats Shuichi badly. Her blood type is A.

Judy Winchester is a Hollywood superstar. XD She is a gorgeous and yet firey woman whose actions and characteristics resemble those of her husband. <_< She has a habit of smoking and wears sunglasses, pretty much the glamorous all-star Hollywood actress. She also does blackmailing and has a thing for weaponry, so she is quite a match for her husband. XDD She's 32 years old and her birthday is on september 10th. She has blood type O.

K's young son, Michael Winchester, doesn't appear much even in the manga. However, he's five years old and a bundle of cuteness. ^_^ He loves to be with his father, but could use a little more attention from him. From what I can see, he doesn't cause much trouble and is just an ordinary kid. :) His birthday is on March 17 and his blood type is O.

Maiko is Shuichi's sister, and she only appears in the manga and the OAVs. She's pretty cute and considerate, worried about Shuichi when he was distressed and often educating him and fooling around with him. She was the keyboardist for Bad Luck in the beginning of the manga, but was later replaced by Suguru. :D

Ark is Judy's personal bodyguard, and he works only for her and is very loyal to her. Ark and K were both soldiers in the past, and he's saved K's life once. They used to communicate well, but the feeling's faded as time went on. Ark's 32 years old, has blood type AB and his birthday is May 2nd.

Yoshiki is Yuki Kitazawa's younger brother. He's a male but you absolutely cannot tell by looking at him since he's a male transvestite. XD He's 19 years old, his birthday is on December 22nd and his blood type is B.

Yuuji is Hiro's older brother. He wants to be an actor and he loves to eat. XD He is 25 years old, has his birthday on May 5th, and has blood type A

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