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Since he was little, Shuichi always dreamed of being a musician and singing like his hero, Ryuichi from Nittle Grasper. Now, with Hiro and Suguru, Shuichi's life has taken a turn and he has begun to live his dream. He is the lead singer in the rising band Bad Luck. Everything was just as it should be...

And then a certain blond writer came into his life. Criticizing his talent, Yuki hurts Shuichi, but at the same time, something else happens. Shuichi finds himself attracted to Yuki and begins to question himself.

Shuichi then struggles between discovering his true feelings, and finds out the true meaning of friendship. He also learns what it is to be in love with someone in ways that society is against. The tribulations of life lay ahead of him. And this is merely just the very beginning.

It's... Gravitation...

Gravitation is an anime based on Maki Murakami's manga of the same name. Gravitation includes 11 manga volumes, an OVA and a 13 episode TV series. Even though the anime series is only 13 episodes long, in that short period of time, more happens than one could ever imagine.

The first time I heard of it, it didn't appeal to me. But after I started watching the series, I realized how wonderful Gravitation really is. Give it a try. You may just like what you see. *winks*

Can you resist the pull of Gravitation?


Track 1 starts with several images of real life buildings, people walking, etc. A boy with a backpack is humming the Gravitation end theme and seen running through the subway.

In a room, a woman is interviewing three young boys. We find out that they are ASK, a band that has just debuted an album. They are currently under Seguchi Tohma's production company. ASK's next concert will feature a rookie band called Bad Luck, under Sakano's produce.

A teen boy and a man are standing against a brick pole, the man nervously checking his watch. The boy running and humming the Gravitation end theme comes running from the street. The teen boy calls out that he, Shuichi, is late. We see the boy's face for the first time as he bounces energetically over to the teen and the man.

At the side of a road by a small waterfall, the man is explaining his plans to the two teens on how they, Bad Luck, can become a successful band. The man, Sakano, tries unsuccessfully to get the teens to listen to him. He turns to Shuichi to find him sleeping.^^ Sakano freaks out.

At a cafe, the teen, Hiro, is reading the unfinished lyrics that Shuichi had written. He asks if Shuichi came in late on purpose, and Shuichi responds that he had to rescue a turtle on his way there. Hiro tells him that he should get a girlfriend to relieve him of stress. Shuichi asks Hiro if talent is suppose to be there naturally.

that night, Shuichi walks through a park alone. He looks out at the city and thinks about his talents. He takes out his unfinished lyrics and reads them. A rush of wind blows his lyrics away as he sneezed. Shuichi runs after it and sees that a shadowy figure at the other end of the park had caught the lyrics and was reading them. The man tells him that his writing skills are below the elementary level and that he has no talent. Shuichi falls to the floor heartbroken. ^^

The next day, Sakano freaks out in the recording studio because Shuichi didn't finish the lyrics. He jumps out the window, but luckily it was only 2 feet high, you couldn't get killed if you tried.^_^ Shuichi tells Hiro that a man had read his lyrics the night before, and told him that he had zero talent. Hiro does not feel insulted and tells Shuichi not to worry about it. But Shuichi couldn't forget about it while walking on the sidewalks on a rainy day. Shuichi thought the man was so cool looking. He hears some talk about a foreign car and looks to see a jet black car in the street. He recognized the driver immediately and runs to the middle of the street and in front of the speeding car, screaming "wait!" The car turns and comes to a sharp stop in front of Shuichi and splashes rain water all over Shuichi. The man Shuichi met yesterday stepped out and told him that if he wanted to commit suicide, do it in front of someone else's car. The man then takes Shuichi to his home and Shuichi confronts him about the incident the other night. The man repeats his insults about Shuichi not having talent.

Back at NG Productions, Seguchi Tohma is talking to Sakano and was just about to fire him when Shuichi crashes in and exclaims that he has the song finished. Back in a studio, Shuichi tells Hiro that he finished the song because the man keeps insulting him. Hiro asks if Shuichi found out his name, and Shuichi replies that he doesn't know. Hiro tells Shuichi that he has a thing for the man. Shuichi denies it. Hiro hints that he's had Shuichi all this time and now he's lonely. We find out that Hiro is in love with Shuichi, but Shuichi didn't have a clue until now. Hiro then tells Shuichi to go and confess his love. Sakano's been fiddling with the channels while Hiro and Shuichi were talking and he accidently puts on a channel with a reporter interviewing the man Shuichi had met. We find out that the man is Eiri Yuki, a popular romance novelist. Sakano finally pushes the right button and Shuichi's song came on. But Shuichi has gone to confess...

Shuichi confronts Yuki in front of his door and Shuichi demands that Yuki goes to listen to his concert. Just then, a woman comes out of the door and Yuki pretends to be on a date with Shuichi in order to fool the woman. The woman leaves angerly and Yuki tells him that he isn't interested in other guys. Yuki goes into an elevator but was intercepted by Shuichi. Shuichi tells him to leave him alone and asks him why he says such provocative things. Yuki backs him into a wall in the elevator, telling him to shut up and quit asking 'why.' He then leans forward and kisses Shuichi...

Track 2: Live in Soul

The track begins with Seguchi Tohma waiting at the airport. He looks over to see a man and a teen boy. The boy rushes over to Tohma and embraces him.^-^ Tohma tells him not to attract attention. We learn that The older man is named K, and he is the teen (Sakuma Ryuichi)'s manager.

In a performance room, Shuichi and Hiro are singing a song by Nittle Grasper, another band, instead of practicing their own song for Bad Luck. We learn that Sakuma Ryuichi is Shuichi's idol and that Ryuichi was part of Nittle Grasper but is now doing solo in America. Sakano comes in and freaks out, since they are not rehearsing. The band ASK then comes in and tells Bad Luck that their performance doesn't matter since they're only doing an opening act. Shuichi is furious while Hiro calmly counters that they'll stop rehearsing if ASK is afraid that Bad Luck will be too good. >:D Just then, a car comes crashing in and the woman with Yuki and Shuichi the day before steps out and takes Shuichi with her. The woman takes Shuichi to a quiet bar and we learn that the woman's name is Mika. Mika wants to ask Shuichi the favor of persuading Yuki to go home to his family. Tohma walks in and we find out that Tohma is Mika's husband. Mika tells Shuichi that he will have a strong backup for Bad Luck if he succeeds in persuading Yuki.

Back at Yuki's house, Yuki tells Shuichi that Mika is his sister. Shuichi brings up the subject of his relationship with his parents. Yuki figures out almost immediately that Mika had persuaded Shuichi to go and talk to him. He also figures out that Mika had arranged for the strong back up for Bad Luck if Shuichi agreed. Yuki tells him that he is not stupid enough to be persuaded by a kid. Shuichi grabs him and kisses him. He then confesses that everything Yuki thought was right, but it doesn't matter to him now. Shuichi thought he could help him, but Yuki didn't believe him and called him a liar.

Back at the bar, Mika was mad that Shuichi had rejected her offer. Tohma comments that it shows how serious Shuichi was about Yuki, and that Yuki has never encountered this type of person before. Shuichi went to Hiro's home and asks for his advice. Hiro told him that his thought of trying to help isn't a bad idea...and back in his home, Yuki reflects back to Shuichi telling him he's only trying to help...

The day of the concert, Sakano is again freaking out and nervous before the opening act, and Shuichi is psyched about the performance. Tohma, Ryuichi, and K have all come to see the performance as well. Shuichi is on stage and just about to start their song, "The Rage Beat," when he sees Yuki in the back of the audience. Shuichi is stunned and unable to move, while the crowd gets angry and demands for ASK. Ryuichi stands up and walks towards the stage, singing a Nittle Grasper song and calming the audience. Shuichi seemed to revive at Ryuichi's presence and is finally able to start the song. The crowd starts cheering and Ryuichi joins in with Shuichi to sing. Together they brung down the house. XDDDD

At Yuki's house, Shuichi asks why Yuki came, and Yuki wipes away Shuichi's tears and tells him that he doesn't understand him. Yuki then kisses Shuichi again...

Track 3: Stray Heart

Track 3 begins with Hiro arriving to pick up Shuichi on his motocycle. Hiro arrives to find a super happy Shuichi. From Shuichi's cute expressions, Hiro figures that something good's happened to Shuichi with Yuki. While riding on the motocycle, Shuichi asks for Hiro's advice. Shuichi isn't sure about his relationship with Yuki because they're both male. Hiro tells him that it doesn't matter as long as he's happy. Shuichi agrees, stands up on the motocycle and runs smack into a sign.^^

At the studio, Sakano is in low spirits. Sakano freaks out again as he apologizes to Tohma about the incident last night. He pleads to Tohma not to cancel the contract to back Bad Luck up. The president, however, was thinking the opposite. He plays Bad Luck's opening song from the night before and states that he sees a flaw in Bad Luck, and they will not be good unless they fix this flaw. Shuichi does not act calm about Tohma's comments and was certainly not happier when Tohma commented on getting a new member for Bad Luck. For Shuichi's intolerable behavior, Tohma fires Sakano as a manager, but keeps him as the producer. Sakano faints. ^^

In a room, Hiro and Shuichi are listening to Bad Luck's performance from the night before while Shuichi complains. Hiro notices the flaw and agrees with Tohma on that they should get a new member. Shuichi gets mad at Hiro and ends up slapping him. Hiro returns with a punch and they start fighting like crazy. Shuichi runs off, but not before he tells Hiro to slip on a banana peel and die.^-^

Shuichi sits along side a sidewalk feeling depressed. Ryuichi and K come by and try to comfort Shuichi. Ryuichi gives Shuichi his prized possession, Komaguro the bunny, to try to cheer Shuichi up.^^ He also pulls out all kinds of interesting things (wisdom tooth, yo-yo, cricket...) to try to cheer Shuichi up. Ryuichi finally reassures Shuichi that he can sing, and Shuichi gulps down a huge bottle of vinegar that Ryuichi pulls out, feeling refreshed. He starts walking off, slips on a banana peel and crashes into someone. The young teen introduced himself as Fujisaki Suguru, the newest member of Bad Luck.

At Yuki's house, Shuichi rambles on about Suguru and his day. Yuki gets tired of Shuichi's rambles and tells him to get out.

The next morning, Shuichi is called to listen to Suguru's new arrangement for Bad Luck's current song, The Rage Beat. Shuichi is stunned at Suguru's amazing talent as everyone in the studio runs to hear the new arrangement. When the arrangement was finished, Shuichi goes to the bathroom and starts tearing toilet paper out while muttering angerily about Suguru's talent.

Hiro visits Yuki at his mansion and warns Yuki that if Shuichi ever has any reason to cry other than his stupidity, he would not be forgiven. Yuki then goes to the park to comfort Shuichi.

At Yuki's home, Shuichi watches a videotape of Nittle Grasper's performance with Yuki. Yuki holds Shuichi's face and tells him that he's cute. The next day, Shuichi is in incredibly high spirits as he tells Tohma that he has no problem with the new member. Tohma mentions that Suguru is his cousin.^^

Track 4: Wave Shock

Track 4 begins when Shuichi decides to move into Yuki's mansion. Yuki is rather uncomfortable with this and fights hilariously with Shuichi, trying to keep him out. Shuichi wins the fight and Yuki says that they will try it for one week.

At the studio, Shuichi is again very energetic and in extremely high spirits. Suguru and Hiro figures it could only be about his relationship with Yuki. They were just about to start when K busts in the door with a handheld gun. They thought he was a robber and Shuichi starts freaking out about being kidnapped. K finally tells them that he's picking them up and that he is their new manager. K takes them to a TV station. Bad Luck finds out that they are going to substitute some people on a show. Shuichi is ecstatic, seeing that they're going on TV so soon. Sakano informs them that the show is a quiz show, not a music one, and that the band ASK is going to perform on a music show on this station as well.

At Yuki's house, Mika drops by and tells him to be careful in this relationship with Shuichi, since he's different from the other women that have approached Yuki.

Bad Luck meets up with ASK at the TV station, ASk insults Bad Luck, but Shuichi sounds mature for once and counters with an insult. Tachi, the vocalist of ASK, comes by and tells the other members to stop arguing with second class wannabes. The groups end on a sour note.

At the game show, Shuichi requests that if Bad Luck wins, they want to sing their song instead of getting a million yen. After some confusion, the show agrees to it. The show starts with Shuichi answering a simple question wrong. Hiro takes over and answers every one with a breeze. It came down to the last part of the show, called Dash Depot. One person from each team is suppose to run on a treadmill as fast as they can, and whoever can run fast enough to lit the light first will answer the question. Shuichi is running for Bad Luck. However, he cannot get the questions right even though he can run fast. Bad Luck is now behind, the last question is worth double its original value. Shuichi is not confident at first and doesn't even try. But when he heard the question: "...writes love stories, nominated for Japanese Literature Award, handsome, popular..." Shuichi starts running like crazy and does get the light lit first. He snarls out "Yuki Eiri" and was right.^_^ Bad Luck wins the game and got to sing their song on stage. Their song is broadcast live to the public, and the show's ratings skyrocketed.

In a home, a young girl sits on a bed in thought...she can't wait any longer...

Track 5: Winding Road

Track 5 begins with Bad Luck in the rehearsing studio practicing The Rage Beat. Shuichi keeps cutting off and saying that he needs a break. K busts in the door and announces that he has arranged for Bad Luck's first live concert to be in two days at Ruido, the same place where Nittle Grasper debuted. Suguru isn't too excited about the concert in two days, claiming that it was suicide. Shuichi becomes full of energy, but Suguru was getting pissed off.^_^

That night, Shuichi walks in the park with Hiro as they talk about the concert and Bad Luck's popularity. They notice a girl being confronted by two men. Hiro and Shuichi come to her rescue and beat up the guys. They take her to dinner and she introduces herself as Usami Ayaka. She has come to find someone, and won't go home to Kyoto without seeing that person. Hiro offers to find her a hotel, and Shuichi goes home to Yuki. A different person answers the door, and says that he is Tatsuha, Yuki's younger brother. They sit down to watch Nittle Grasper's performance. We find out that Tatsuha is obsessed with Ryuichi. Tatsuha comments that Shuichi looks like Ryuichi. He tells Shuichi that since he looks like his brother and Shuichi looks like Ryuichi, they can call each other by those names. Tatsuha pins Shuichi to the floor as Yuki walks in on them. Tatsuha tells Yuki that he's here to find a girl named Usami Ayaka. The next day, Hiro and Ayaka arrives at the studio with Hiro looking dead. (They'd gone to an all night karaoke) XD Shuichi had brung Tatsuha to the studio, but he wasn't the one Ayaka wanted to see. Shuichi finds out that Ayaka is Yuki's fiancee and takes her to see Yuki. He is sad to see Yuki treat Ayaka better than he treats Shuichi. Tatsuha tells Shuichi that he's a lot like Ayaka, having fallen for Yuki unexpectedly.

At Yuki's home, Yuki tells Ayaka that Shuichi is living with him. This was unexpected news to Ayaka and she was surprised...

At the rehearsing studio, Shuichi was just starting to sing again when Ayaka comes in and slaps Shuichi across the face. She tells Shuichi that there's no hope in his relationship with Yuki and that he should never be close to Yuki again.

The day of the concert, Suguru refuses to work with Shuichi. He thinks Shuichi's not up for it because of the incident the previous day. K holds a machine gun to Suguru's head and forced him to play. :P As Bad Luck walks onto the stage, Shuichi sees Yuki with Ayaka in the back. He hesitates for only a moment and then starts to sing. During the song, he has several flash backs and finally yells out "Yuki's MINE!" in the middle of the song. He finally realizes that he loves Yuki as much as he loves singing, and he will fight for Yuki to the end.

At Yuki's house, Yuki tells Shuichi that he is fine being Shuichi's lover...

Track 6: Shady Scheme

Track 6 starts with Yuki having a flashback of him telling Shuichi that he'll be his lover. He is sitting with a editor regarding his newest book. Yuki declines the woman's suggestion that the book should have the title "Lover."

Out on the street, Shuichi catches up with Yuki and informs him that Bad Luck is going to release their first CD. They find Mika waiting for them at Yuki's house. In the house, Mika and Yuki discuss Yuki's relationships while Shuichi prances around, acting like a puppy. X.x Mika and Shuichi starts to list facts about Yuki and Yuki throws them out of his house.^_^ Mika takes Shuichi to a restaurant and tells him that Yuki has a sense of mistrust and would not take in people easily. She links that Shuichi truely likes Yuki, but he doesn't know anything about Yuki.

At Yuki's house, Yuki admitted that he acted wrongly by throwing Shuichi out of the house. Shuichi becomes excited and confesses that Mika told him that he doesn't know anything about Yuki. Shuichi wants to know everything about him and wants Yuki to tell it himself. Yuki halts Shuichi's queries with a kiss.

Afterwards, he confronts Mika about it on a bridge. Angry, he took his car and drives endlessly to no particular destination, reaching up to 180mph as he flashes back to himself as a young boy shouting 'Yuki' and running towards a young man sitting beneath a tree...He ends up crashing his car and sits against a wall while the ambulance came.

Tachi is incredibly mad that a woman from an interview compared ASk to the rookie band Bad Luck. His rage has been building ever since Bad Luck performed their song on the game show...

Because a tabloid has information and outragious comments about Yuki's relationship with Shuichi, Yuki tells Shuichi to go home and that this is the end of their relationship. Shuichi goes to a small bar with Hiro and cries a river over the break up. Hiro tells Shuichi to choose between whether to cry or be angry, and Shuichi choose to cry.^_^

At the ticket counter, Shuichi is confronted by two Bad Luck fans and draws attention to himself. He is chased by crazy fans until Tachi pulls him away from the crowd. Shuichi follows Tachi to his place as they drink and talk. Tachi seems friendly at first, but he reveals what he's really going to do when he shows Shuichi his gang, takes him to a deserted parking lot and threatens and abuses him. Tachi also took photos as evidence to expose what they've done to him if needed. But no matter how Tachi threatens Shuichi, Shuichi refuses to let any harm come to Yuki.

At home, Hiro receives a phone call from Shuichi to come and pick him up in front of Hiro's house. Hiro arrives to see Shuichi bruised and beaten. Shuichi tearfully asks Hiro if it's wrong to love someone...

At NG, Tachi is telling the other members of ASK of how he will see the end of Shuichi and Bad Luck if he exposes the film he took.

Hiro angerily goes to confront Yuki and asks if he remembers his warning earlier of Shuichi having reasons to cry and lose self confidence. He tells Yuki that Shuichi protected him from harm when he was beaten by Tachi. Angered, Yuki asks where Tachi is now...

Track 7: Ground Zero

In the beginning of Track 7, Shuichi wakes up at Hiro's house and flashes back to his assult earlier. He then goes to see K and Sakano and announces that he has decided to quit Bad Luck. K was certainly not happy about this and holds a gun to Shuichi's head, asking why before Shuichi even finished his sentence. K figures out that it has something to do with Yuki Eiri. Shuichi was just about to quit when Hiro came in and told him that Yuki had gone to see Aizawa Tachi.

At Tachi's, Yuki beats ASK as Tachi threatens to ruin his reputation as a novelist. Yuki backs Tachi off and demands to see the film. Tachi gives it to him and comments that he does not have the eyes of a novelist, but the eyes of a beast that could kill without regret. Shuichi comes and starts to bang on the door. Yuki comes out to find Shuichi dressed up as a girl. <_< Shuichi confronts Yuki about leaving him and fainted. He wakes up at Yuki's house, and Yuki tells him that he won't call him stupid, idiot, or annoying anymore. He will go away and disappear from Shuichi's life.

The next day, Shuichi announces calmly that he has given up on Yuki. Hiro, Suguru, K and Sakano were surprised. But Shuichi tells them that this way, he won't be a burden to Yuki and can concentrate on his work as a singer. That night, he goes out with Hiro and gets drunk. They were walking by Yuki's house when they meet up with Ayaka. Ayaka learns that Shuichi's given up on Yuki. She punches Shuichi and is disappointed in him because she thought their relationship was stronger. Shuichi learns that Ayaka has accepted Yuki's proposal to marry him the day before. Shuichi rushed off to Yuki's house to confront him, only to find him gone. Frustrated and torn, he spray paints the wall and cries. Tatsuha comes in then and tells Shuichi to come with him, it was his last chance.

At Yuki's father's temple, Yuki, Mika, and their father are awaiting for Ayaka's arrival. Tachi arrives and informs them that Ayaka is already here. The three turn to see a very scary looking Shuichi in a girl's dress and makeup. X.X Shuichi and Yuki go outside to talk and Shuichi tells Yuki that he loves him for who he is now, not what may have happened in the past. Shuichi wants to know everything about Yuki. Yuki tells him that he killed a man deliberately at home when he was 16 years old. Shuichi was speechless for moments, but when Yuki asked if he still loved him now, Shuichi was not fazed and says the past doesn't matter.

Hiro asks Ayaka if she's alright with Shuichi and Yuki as a couple. Ayaka knows that Yuki will not be happy being married to her, and she simply wants Yuki to be happy.

Track 8: Song and Song

Track 8 begins with Tohma walking into a bar, seeing Ryuichi and a pretty young girl beside him. The girl is shown to be Noriko.

At Yuki's home, Shuichi tells a half asleep Yuki that he's going to work. Yuki wakes up fully after a minute, surprised that Shuichi is still living in his house. Tohma appears from under Yuki's bed O.o and they sit down to have a talk. Yuki confesses that he doesn't want to remember his past, but he already has. Tohma figures that Shuichi is not the only one responsible for making Yuki remember his painful past. He has Aizawa Tachi in mind as well.

After hearing K and Hiro talk about Shuichi, Tachi cannot stand that Bad Luck is rising above ASK. He will not anyone surpass them... During an interview, another member of ASK busts in and tells Shuichi that Tachi has gone to see Yuki...

Tachi confronts Yuki at his home, but backs off when he sees Yuki's eyes. Again, he mentions that Yuki could have killed someone with those eyes. He threatens that he will find a weak point and bring Shuichi and Yuki down. Shuichi then crashes through the wall and 'comes to Yuki's rescue.' Tachi is incredibly mad as he runs off, cursing and thinking to himself. He is stopped by Tohma...

Back at home, Yuki is comforted by Shuichi. He agonizes that it's his fault, and now Shuichi is the same as he was. He confesses that he wanted to be with Shuichi, but he couldn't because he didn't want to betray others anymore. Shuichi holds him as Yuki crys onto his shoulder...

Back at the sidewalk, Tohma advances toward Tachi and backs him out onto the street, telling him that it was most unfortunate that he could not leave Shuichi alone. Tohma tells Tachi that Yuki is the person he cares most about in the world. He then reaches out and shoves Tachi into an oncoming car. The car stops just short of hitting Tachi and he is left sitting on the street, tramatized and shaken with fear.

At Yuki's house, Shuichi tries his best to comfort Yuki, and Yuki tells him to shut up, he hasn't cried in 6 years and now his head hurts.^^ Shuichi does succeed in cheering Yuki up a bit though, after saying something ridiculously stupid, Yuki smiles weakly.

Seguchi Tohma is seen on television announcing that he, together with Ryuichi and Noriko, formed Nittle Grasper and now they are reuniting after three years of separation. K then comes in and has big news once again. He informs Bad Luck that he has gotten them a place on Hit Stage, a popular and exclusive music show. But they find out from Noriko that they are only the opening act, since Nittle Grasper is the special guest.

At the president's office, Tohma tells Sakano to stop calling him 'President,' since Nittle Grasper has reunited and now Tohma is a producer just like Sakano. They are rivals from now on.

Bad Luck arrives at Hit Stage with K and Sakano. Nittle Grasper is already there, with Ryuichi on the stage playing with Komaguro. As Bad Luck is about to go on air, K says some encouraging words to Shuichi. He knows there's going to be some fierce competition and comparision going on between the two bands. Shuichi and the rest of Bad Luck feel confident when they were finished. However, as Nittle Grasper started, Shuichi became more and more unstable and fell to the floor sobbing...

Track 9: The Deepest Brain

This track begins with Yuki having another flashback of his past with himself and his older sensei (tutor/teacher). The memory clears and we see Yuki lying on a bed in a room with a physician. The physician tells Yuki that she will prescribe a stronger tranquilizer to help him endure the pain.

At the studio, Sakano announced that The Rage Beat debuted 16th on the ranks. However, Shuichi has been absent from work for a week, so K and Sakano are not happy about that. K brings out his machine gun, but Hiro insists that he will go talk to Shuichi. Shuichi tells Hiro that Ryuichi felt far away that day on Hit Stage. He must see Ryuichi as a rival now, not as an idol. Hiro comforts Shuichi and tells him that he has comfidence.

Meanwhile, K has gone to confront Yuki. He tells Yuki to boast Shuichi's confidence, as well as use the pairs ticket he has for Yuki.

Therefore, Yuki comes home to Shuichi and finds him packing everything that reminds him of Ryuichi away. Shuichi tells Yuki that he doesn't want to imitate Ryuichi anymore, so he doesn't want to be reminded of him. Yuki started to say something insulting, but a whistling noise passed close to his head and into a wall.^^ Yuki reverts to saying nice and convincing words, and Shuichi comments that Yuki's being extremely nice today. Yuki's nerve triggered and he retorted something negative. Instantly several whistling noises were heard and Shuichi is positive that they're being sniped at. XD Yuki then pulls out the pairs ticket and tells Shuichi that if he sells one million albums when his CD comes out, he will take Shuichi to the amusement park. Shuichi melts into a puddle. :P

The next day, Shuichi is incredibly confident and ambitious, making everyone surprised. Bad Luck then goes on all different tours, have photo shoots, radio broadcasts, etc. to promote themselves.

At home, Shuichi is talking to Yuki, and Yuki freezes momentarily, paralyzed by pain. He tells Shuichi nothing, however.

The next day, Shuichi comes home from work to find the house empty. He was about to answer the door when he saw a crowd of people outside the house. He sees on TV that the media are outside Yuki's house at the very moment. They have come to question whether the rumors are true, that Shuichi is Yuki's lover and that he's living with him. Shuichi is frightened that Yuki will come home then and then there will be trouble. He hears commotion outside and knows that Yuki is home. He runs outside to tell the press to go home, and he is instantly piled with reporters asking questions. In the midst of this, Yuki announces that they are indeed lovers.

At the studio, K, Sakano, and Hiro have been watching the entire scene on TV. K is satisfied that as long as they can sell 1 miilion albums, anything they do is fine. Hiro, however, is not happy with this. He doesn't like that K is willing to do anything in order to sell 1 miilion albums. He then announces that he's going to quit Bad Luck.

Track 10: Heads or Tails

Hiro and Shuichi are talking about Hiro's quit of Bad Luck. Hiro tells Shuichi that he doesn't need someone like Hiro to do well, all he needs is Yuki. Hiro admits that he god jealous of Yuki along the way. But he's in love now...with Usami Ayaka.

Shuichi goes back to Yuki's house, dressed like a battery to avoid the press. <_< He tells Yuki that K is using their relationship to promote Bad Luck. Yuki didn't like what any of them are doing.

At the studio, K is satisfied that Bad Luck debuted at number 2 for their CD. Sakano informs them that Bad Luck will be doing a 30-district tour next and Shuichi will have to make an announcement during an interview regarding Hiro's quit. Shuichi refuses to work without Hiro, but couldn't come up with a good reason why Bad Luck needed to have Hiro technically, because Suguru can fill Hiro's role with his keyboard.

Later, Shuichi comes out of a room in the radio station and sees Ryuichi at the end of the hall. He turns and goes the other way, but Ryuichi sees him, turns to cute mode and runs after him. Ryuichi chases Shuichi to the top of the station, where Shuichi tells Ryuichi that he doesn't deserve to be friends with him. Ryuichi didn't understand and runs off after Shuichi asks if Nittle Grasper can go on without Tohma or Noriko.

At home, Ayaka visits Hiro and lets him know that she knows Hiro likes her. She tells Hiro that if Bad Luck can sell 1 million albums, she will date him.

At the interview, Shuichi is suppose to announce Hiro's retirement, but as he went on air, he changed his mind and decided that Bad Luck can't be without Hiro. Suguru was surprised and frustrated at Shuichi's immature behavior. He grabbed Shuichi's collar and shakes him, and in the midst of the commotion, Hiro appears in the back and he and Shuichi reunit happily. Ryuichi appears from under the table, dressed in a bunny costume and announces that Bad Luck has sold 1 million albums.

At home, Yuki and Tohma are sitting together and watching the interview. In the middle of their talk, Yuki started throwing up blood.

Shuichi catches up with Ryuichi outside the interview room. Shuichi tells Ryuichi that he's sorry for asking weird questions earlier, and now he's not wandering anymore...

Track 11: Secret Day

A flashback of Yuki's past is taking place at the beginning of Track 11. A young Tohma is seen running down a street and up a flight of stairs to a darkened room. Tohma sees blood on the floor and a young Eiri sitting on the floor with a gun in his hand, shaken. Tohma holds Eiri in his arms and tries his best to comfort him as Eiri cries uncontrollably.

Back at the hospital, Tohma sits and awaits for news of Yuki since Yuki threw up blood in the last episode. Mika comes in and sees a troubled Tohma.

Across town, Shuichi is in the happiest of moods while posing for the press. Shuichi goes to K and finds out that Yuki was rushed to the hospital after throwing up blood. He goes to the hospital right away.

In Yuki's room at the hospital, Mika and Tohma are persuading Eiri to stop being with Shuichi because it's best for his health. Yuki mentions that he will go to New York.Shuichi overhears the entire conversation and becomes depressed.

Later at night, Shuichi confesses his problems to Hiro in the park. Hiro gives his advice to Shuichi again, telling him to face Yuki and confront him.

Shuichi takes Hiro's advice and goes to the hospital that night, while Eiri's sleeping. He kisses him and confesses his true feelings to Yuki, thinking that he was asleep. Yuki was infact awake and hears Shuichi. Shuichi tells him that he will die of Yuki goes away. Yuki comforts him and tells him not to take his words so seriously. He goes on to tell Shuichi that he had promised him that he would take him to the amusement park if he sold a million records, and he will keep his promise.

So, Yuki takes Shuichi to the Odaiba amusement park for a day, letting Shuichi do whatever he wanted, go on roller coasters, play video games at the arcade, taking pictures, etc. Near the end of the day, Yuki and Shuichi are standing by a balcony looking towards the sea, and Yuki decides to tell Shuichi about his past. Yuki pulls out an picture of his younger self and an older male. Yuki tells Shuichi that the man in the picture was the guy Eiri had killed. His name was Yuki Kitazawa, Eiri's former tutor in New York. Eiri ended up taking his pen name from Kitazawa. Kitazawa was kind and friendly, but he had a nasty drinking habit. When he got drunk, he changed personality. Eiri was brutally abused by Kitazawa when he got drunk, and this is the reason Yuki ended up killing him. Shuichi runs off to buy a drink, and Yuki tears the picture into pieces and throws it into the ocean. Shuichi returns to find Yuki gone...

Track 12: Breathless

At the beginning of Track 12, Shuichi goes home and does not find Yuki. Frantic, he goes all over the place trying to find Yuki, stampeding through places and leaving everything in chaos. ^_^

The next day, Bad Luck seemed to be disorganized. Shuichi was nowhere to be found and Hiro was tired from a 10 hour phone conversation with Ayaka. <_< Shuichi then walks in, looking dishevelled and dirty. He was asked to go to the president. At his office, Tohma tells him that the reason Eiri disappeared was because of him. Tohma asks Shuichi to stay away from Eiri from now on.

In New York, Yuki goes to the park that Kitazawa was always in. Several flashbacks occur while he stands under the tree where kitazawa used to sit.

Shuichi attempts to go to New York disguised as a suitcase. ^^ K picks Shuichi up from there and takes him back to the studio. Shuichi still needs to concentrate on surpassing Nittle Grasper and making Bad Luck into a legend. At the studio, Shuichi receives a key from Yuki. Shuichi realizes that Yuki is not planning to return and has abandoned everything he left behind. K informs Shuichi that his value is higher than he thinks. Shuichi later tells Hiro that he must learn to surpass Sakuma Ryuichi and do well without getting his confidence from Yuki or Hiro.

In a room, Noriko turns on the TV to a channel featuring Bad Luck. Ryuichi tells Noriko that Bad Luck will not reach them. Shuichi, Hiro, and Suguru come out of the recording room after rehearsing. They see Ryuichi and Noriko coming down the hall. Noriko stops to say hello, but Ryuichi walks right by Shuichi without a glance. Shuichi shouts Ryuichi's name multiple times, but heard nothing the second or third time. Gripping his throat, Shuichi realizes that he's lost his voice...

Track 13: Got It All

Track 13: Several gun shots rang in the air, and an old man runs furiously down the snowy street carrying a package. He bumps into a person and falls. Looking up, he sees a shadowy Yuki looking at him out of the corner of his eye. Hearing the police cars and seeing Yuki turning to face him, he fleeds.

At the studio, Shuichi informs the rest of the crew that he has lost his voice by writing on paper. Sakano freaks out and only stops when K fires a 'harmless gun' at him. He then puts a 'harmless' grenade on top of Shuichi's head and figures out that Shuichi wasn't lying. :P Sakano could not get any help from Tohma, so he takes matters into his own hands. He orders a roomful of sumo wrestlers O.o and tells them to pile onto Shuichi.

Back at Hiro's home, Hiro tells Shuichi to go to New York quickly and come back quickly. Hiro receives a phone call from Ayaka then and goes into another room. He comes back to find Shuichi gone.

In the darkened studio, Ryuichi is listening to The Rage Beat when Shuichi came in. Seeing Ryuichi, Shuichi goes back out of the room. Ryuichi tackles Shuichi to the ground, going into cute mode. He grabs Shuichi's sketchpad and started coloring. He sees Shuichi drawing something plain, and he sets to work to make it 'shiny.' Alone in the park later, Shuichi stares at the drawing Ryuichi did and wrote the lyrics to 'Glaring Dream.' He has a flashback of the first time he and Yuki met.

In New York, Yuki proceeds up a worn flight of stairs to the apartment where he was abused and where he killed Kitazawa. He flashes back to a his younger self with a drunken Kitazawa. Two men come in and Kitazawa accepts ten dollars from them to sexually abuse Eiri. Yuki sits on the floor and lits a cigarette. He notices that the picture sticker that he and Shuichi took together at the amusement park is on the lighter. The building started shaking and Shuichi breaks through the floor in a puppy suit. Yuki was indeed surprised. Shuichi shows him the finished lyrics of Glaring Dream and tells him that no matter where Yuki tries to escape, Shuichi will find him because he loves him. Yuki smiles faintly as he reads the lyrics. He tells Shuichi that he really does have zero talent. ^_^

At Zepp Tokyo, Sakano is freaking out because Shuichi hasn't come back yet and the concert is about to start. Noriko tells Ryuichi to sing first, while K is on top of a building scouting for something. A jet plane appears out of the sky and Shuichi is dropped from it. He slams into Zepp Tokyo just as Ryuichi finished Sleepless Beauty. Ryuichi hands him the microphone and tells him to shine...Shuichi then performs the song 'Glaring Dream' to the roaring crowd.

In the end, Yuki stoops by Kitazawa's grave in the cemetery. He tells Tohma that he is going back home. Tohma turns to the tombstone and sees the engraved words 'I hope to Heaven, his soul is gone.'