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The Shinigami are the gods of death, the beings who guide the souls who have been recorded into the Register of Souls to Hades the world of the dead. They are the employees of the Summons Division, which is an office directly under the control of Enma, the Emperor of the Underworld. The series focuses on one of these Shinigami named Asato Tsuzuki the most powerful, but loveable, laid-back and troubled of them all. Many stories chronicle the mysterious cases they are called upon to deal with, when souls who have appeared on the Register have for some reason not yet died and are often serious and sad. Other stories deal with their off-time play, and these are sweet and funny. A strong focus of the story are the characters themselves and their feelings about work, and about each other.



main characters


Asato Tsuzuki

 He was born in the Meiji Era and died at the age of 26. He now works as a member of the Shinigami and is one of the top operatives. He has been patrolling the area of the southern island of Kyushu in Japan for 71 years. He has the power to travel between the living world and the world of the dead. He also has the ability to summon help from the 12 Gods to protect him which is greater than any normal Shinigami's members powers and abilities. Members of the Shinigami usually work in pairs but for some teason he is unable to keep a partner for long. Being a member of Shinigami, he is unable to openly use his powers in front of mortals. He is very fond of sweets. There is also a strange connection between him and Dr. Muraki.


Dr. Kazutaka Muraki

    He is a mysterious villian and so called medical doctor. Tsuzuki's cases usually involve him. He is a killer who murders others for their energy to increase his own evil power. He is the one who killed Hisoka Kurosaki when he (Kurosaki) witnessed Dr. Muraki killing someone for their energy. He enjoys causing Tsuzuki great anguish and often harasses him with lewd comments/gestures.


Hisoka Kurosaki

 He was kiled by an illness at the age of 16. He is now Tsuzuki's partner. At first he is unwilling to stay as Tsuzuki's partner because Tsuzuki did not meet his expectations (he was told of Tsuzuki's skills and talent by Chief Kanoe and he was not seeing what he was told). He is a sensitive psychic who was abused by his family when he was alive. When he displayed his psychic power, his family would lock him away in an underground room. His reason for becoming a Shinigami member at first, was to find out why he was killed. But then later on his reason changed. He then decided to get revenge on Dr. Muraki when he learns he (Dr. Muraki) was responsible for his early demise.

Supporting characters


Yutaka Watari

The "show off" member of the Shinigami. He is responsible for Japan's Kinki area. He has the power to give drawings, machines, and any other inanimate objects a spirit.


Seiichiro Tatsumi

He was once a partner of Tsuzuki's. He now, as a member of the Shinigami, is responsible for the Kanto area of Japan. He is also the secretary of the Judgement Bureau. His stately appearance manner and reserved attitude isolate him from the rest of his co-workers.



He is a friend of Dr. Muraki's and has been since school. He runs an exclusive brothel in Kogakuro. He has many resourceful connections in Kyoto, Japan.



Supernatural beings who work for the Shinigami. They are responsible for record keeping (recording of the good and evil that humans do), delivering messages and aiding agents.


Kanoe-Kacho (Chief Kanoe)

He is the chief of the Summons section of the Judgement Bureau. He manages the assignments for the Shinigami. Like Tsuzuki, he enjoys sweets.