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volume one contains the nagasaki file part 1-3.

The Nagasaki File (1)

An unfortunate woman walking home one night meets a "vampire". [This is the first appearance of the "red moon" (tm)] Meanwhile, in Enma Cho's Shokan Division, the younger GuShoShin is briefing Chief Konoe, Tatsumi, and Watari on the recent series of murder cases in Nagasaki where the victims have fang-marks on their necks and are all drained of blood. When Konoe begins to assign Tsuzuki to the case, he realizes Tsuzuki isn't even there. It turns out that Tsuzuki has sneaked out with Wakaba to buy cinnamon buns. Unfortunately for him, Konoe is not too pleased about him missing the important meeting and eventually the cinnamon bun is split between all of them. [First appearance of Tsuzuki-the-doggie.]

Konoe and Tatsumi explain to Tsuzuki on the current investigation. Apparently there is an increase in the number of unknown deaths in Nagasaki, the area Tsuzuki covers. Tsuzuki is told his new partner will meet him later, and the younger GuShoShin will be helping him with the case until then. Konoe asks Tsuzuki to buy some honey cake for him, and Tatsumi gives Tsuzuki a spending book, limiting him to only 3,000 yen per day. {Tatsumi: "I won't allow unnecessary spending."} [The honey cakes Konoe refers to is one of Nagasaki's famous local products. They are called "Nagasaki kasutera" or "Nagasaki Castella/Castilla."]

Konoe meets with the Earl. They decide that people change by encounters and it would be good for both Tsuzuki and "him". ["Him", of course, turns out to be Hisoka.]

When Tsuzuki finally arrives on Earth, he decides to go eat before his new partner shows up. [^^;;;] A scream stops him, however, and he rushes off to investigate. He collides with a woman with white hair and red eyes, and wonders about the lipstick mark she leaves on his collar. However, he soon finds out the lipstick mark is actually the blood of another "vampire case" victim. Realizing the woman may be the culprit, he chases after her. On the way, GuShoShin and him are separated. Tsuzuki goes into a church and meets Muraki, who has been crying. Tsuzuki asks him if he had seen a woman, to which Muraki replies no.

Tsuzuki thanks him and leaves the church to continue looking for the woman, but as he is wandering around the streets, someone points a gun at his back and stops him.

~Commercial Break~
Tsuzuki turns around and sees a boy, who believes he is the vampire. Tsuzuki wonders why the boy can read what he is thinking. Just when the boy is about to put a hole in Tsuzuki's chest, GuShoShin shows up and clarifies the situation. The boy is actually Tsuzuki's new partner.

To celebrate their meeting, the trio goes to a Chinese restaurant. Tsuzuki tries to be nice to the boy, but the boy has a real attitude problem. After some inquiries, Tsuzuki learns the boy's name is Kurosaki Hisoka, and he has died of an illness at age 16. Hisoka wants to know why an elite like Tsuzuki would want to work as a Shinigami, and GuShoShin bursts out laughing. He explains that Konoe has duped Hisoka into being Tsuzuki's partner because no one else wants to pair up with Tsuzuki-the-lazy-bum and it's a rule for Shinigami to work in pairs. Already annoyed by the deception and Tsuzuki's indifference in the matter, Hisoka is further provoked when Tsuzuki eats his steamed bun. He retaliates by eating Tsuzuki's food, and a battle of food starts. {Tsuzuki: The grudge of food is deep, especially with me.} Hisoka manages to get the last piece of food, only to realize later that Tsuzuki has added chili sauce in it. He grabs the closest drink and gulps it down before Tsuzuki can stop him. The drink turns out to be Tsuzuki's sake, and since Hisoka has no tolerance for alcoholic drinks, he falls down drunk immediately. [Is it me, or are they being very immature here? ^^;;;]

Tsuzuki takes Hisoka to a hotel. [::coughs:: Nothing happened. Darn.] After putting him to bed, Tsuzuki comments how Hisoka looks kind of cute when he is keeping his mouth shut. GuShoShin thinks it is sad that someone so young would be a Shinigami, to which Tsuzuki says he must have his reasons. Just when Tsuzuki admits to being somewhat immature before, Hisoka talks in his sleep. {Hisoka: "Tsuzuki no bakayarou! Don't think this is the end..."} Tsuzuki takes it all back after that.

The fireworks outside alerts them to the preparation of the Nagasaki festival, so they turn on the TV to watch the broadcast. A reporter introduces the famous Hong Kong singer Maria Won, who has come to Japan for the fair. Tsuzuki notices the similarities between Maria and the woman he has met earlier, and decides to investigate further. He asks GuShoShin to research something for him.

The next morning, Hisoka has a hangover and Tsuzuki gives him a cold drink. [This is the first time Hisoka calls Tsuzuki by name, but he still hasn't accept Tsuzuki as his partner.] They go to the television station, planning to look for Maria there. GuShoShin has done the research like Tsuzuki asked, and finds the date when the vampire cases started matches the date when Maria first arrived in Japan. Hisoka asks when did Tsuzuki find the time to investigate all this, to which Tsuzuki replies, "while you were occupying my bed." Hisoka blushes. [::swoons::]

GuShoShin goes back to his library duties, and the remaining two break into the station. They find Maria's preparation room to be empty and in a mess, but Hisoka feels Maria's whereabouts through his empathy abilities. They arrive at the warehouse place just before Maria claims her next victim. A monster appears and Tsuzuki defeats it by summoning Suzaku. Although Hisoka is annoyed that Tsuzuki keeps calling him boy, he is nevertheless impressed by Tsuzuki's power.

The two go back to Enma Cho, where they learn Maria has committed suicide two months ago. Elsewhere in a dark room, Muraki cradles Maria's face and tells her all will be well if she does as he says...


The Nagasaki File (2)

Back in the Shokan Division, Tatsumi recounts the situation regarding the vampire cases. According to the reports from China, Maria Won has committed suicide two months ago. They do not yet know the reason behind Maria's so-called resurrection. Watari suggests that someone has revived Maria for profit, but since Maria's body is already dead, she is more of a zombie and requires outside energy such as human blood to sustain her condition.

As the topic gets more serious, Watari takes out a strange looking machine and places a honey cake on top of it. Not soon after the others make some more comments, Watari thrusts the machine in front of Tsuzuki and Tatsumi. The cake is now cut into smaller and equal pieces. {Watari: I'm every housewife and ladies' supporter! It can cut anything into equal pieces. Introducing super cutter - Jason-kun! Siblings won't be fighting over uneven distribution of food again!} Everyone is speechless for awhile, then Tatsumi breaks the silence by remarking how Watari has really weird design sense/style

That doesn't stop them from enjoying the final product, so soon everyone is eating the cake. Tsuzuki looks very blissed after he finishes his cake, so Tatsumi decides to give him his share, too. Tsuzuki is overjoyed, of course, but Konoe interrupts and demands Tsuzuki return to Nagasaki right after he is done with the food. Apparently the higher ups are not very happy with Tsuzuki's progress. Tsuzuki retorts they won't think it's so easy if they had been the one doing the job. Angered, Konoe reprimands Tsuzuki, saying how a "salary thief" has no right to complain. To save himself from getting into more trouble, Tsuzuki immediately declares he will go back right away and fix everything. Hisoka just stands up and starts to walk out the room. When Tsuzuki asks him where he's going, Hisoka replies, "we have free time until 3 p.m." Then he proceeds to walk out the door.

After leaving the meeting room, Hisoka wanders to the library, where he meets the two GuShoShin. The younger GuShoShin, whom he is already familiar with, introduces him to the elder GuShoShin. Hisoka is surprised the two are twins.

Meanwhile, Tsuzuki is back on earth eating desserts while he waits for Hisoka. The two waitresses nearby feel really sorry for him since he looks like a very nice person but obvious his "date" has stood him up. At first Tsuzuki is really pissed, but the apple pie IS really good and soon he returns to his good mood. As he goes to pay the bills, however, the waitress tells him the total is 4,500 yen. Tsuzuki has a flashback of Tatsumi telling him there would be no unnecessary spendings... [Remember, Tatsumi limits Tsuzuki to only 3,000 yen per day.] Defeated, Tsuzuki asks the waitress to write him an invoice. Suddenly there is a scream outside, so Tsuzuki rushes out of the store without taking the invoice with him. The waitress is not very pleased.

The scream turns out to be from a worried mother whose little girl has fainted. After checking to make sure there are no fang marks on the little girl's neck, a relieved Tsuzuki tells the mother to call an ambulance. Muraki appears and asks to treat the girl. Tsuzuki learns that Muraki is a doctor. Muraki suggests them all move to a building with shades, since the little girl has fainted due to sun-stroke. Tsuzuki and Muraki share a very interesting moment when they shake hands. After the little girl and the mother leave, Tsuzuki comments how human beings have amazing vitality. Muraki doesn't agree. {Muraki: human beings grow weak when confronted with their fear. I'm a doctor, and I've learned that even medicine has its limits. Don't you want the perfect body and immortality?} All this is said while Muraki advances on Tsuzuki, who looks very helpless and nervous. At last, Muraki moves away, but he soon turns around and takes off his glasses. [This is the first time his artificial right eye is shown.] {Muraki: Tsuzuki-san, be careful you don't lose something/someone important to you.} After Muraki's departure, Tsuzuki wonders about the enigma that is Muraki.

Deciding to ask the younger GuShoShin to be his temporary partner since Hisoka is nowhere to be found, Tsuzuki returns to Enma Cho and goes straight to the library. The GuShoShin brothers inform him Hisoka is there. Meanwhile, Hisoka is walking towards the Classified Documents Room. He has lied to the GuShoShin brothers earlier, saying that Tsuzuki has sent him there to do research. Before he reaches the room, he has a brief flashback and almost collapses. He manages to get to the door, but Tsuzuki shows up and stops him from opening the door. Tsuzuki is angry at Hisoka both for not showing up at their meeting earlier and also for lying about his intentions to enter the Classified Documents Room. He starts to shake Hisoka, who knocks him away and burns his hand. Tsuzuki asks if Hisoka really dislikes him that much. Hisoka backs into the corner and sits down with his back against the wall. He looks very vulnerable and younger than his age like that. Tsuzuki realizes something is wrong and asks if Hisoka's okay. Hisoka tells him that because he is an empath, he sometimes synchronizes with others against his wishes, especially when they touch. Earlier, Tsuzuki's anger goes directly into his hear/soul, and it is too painful for him to bear it. Tsuzuki decides that is understandable, but since Shinigami work in pairs, their partnership will not work out unless Hisoka trusts him. With that, he leaves. [Zoom in on Hisoka's face. XD]

~Commercial Break~
Back on Earth, Tsuzuki and the younger GuShoShin are staking out near Maria's hotel. Tsuzuki apologizes for dragging GuShoShin along, and makes a comment about Hisoka being very cold and distant. GuShoShin, a bit awkward for letting out someone's private information, finally tells Tsuzuki about Hisoka's parents. They are from a very traditional family and do not understand or like Hisoka's powers, so they lock him up in a cell and call him a monster. Growing up in this environment, Hisoka soon withdraws into himself and learns not to depend on anyone. That is how he has survived before, so even after his death, he doesn't know any other way to live. Tsuzuki is saddened by this and says, "but he's not alone anymore..."

Tsuzuki decides to sneak inside the building disguised as a hotel staff.

In room #1403, Muraki is observing Tsuzuki through the windows. Maria, kneeling next to a table and the remains of a shattered glass, grabs a broken piece and tries to kill herself with it. Before she succeeds, however, Muraki turns around and stops her. He is impressed Maria can fight his spell long enough to try something so foolish. When Maria pleads with him to let her go, he turns her back into a mindless puppet. Or as he calls her, "my doll".

By the time Tsuzuki arrives at the room, it is again empty and in a mess. He runs back outside, worried that he may be too late to stop Maria from claiming another victim. Then he sees Maria walking into a narrowed alley.

Later that night, Tsuzuki is sleeping on a bench in a park. A cleaning lady tries to wake him up so he won't get a cold staying there, but Tsuzuki is too deeply asleep to hear her. After the lady leaves, Maria shows up with white hair and red eyes. Muraki is controlling her. {Muraki: Kill him! Kill him for me!} Just before her teeth descend upon Tsuzuki's neck, Tsuzuki opens his eyes and jumps away. He has set himself up as bait to capture Maria. He starts to call up a binding spell, but Muraki interferes again and Tsuzuki is bound instead. Now he is helpless in bondage while Maria starts to bite him... {Muraki: I win this round, Tsuzuki-san.}

Elsewhere, Hisoka senses Tsuzuki is in trouble and comes to his aid. He passes a church and notices the abnormality about it. He goes in, finds the source of the binding spell, and fires a couple of gun shots to destroy it. Tsuzuki is now freed and immediately casts the binding spell on Maria. Hisoka rushes toward Tsuzuki. Muraki, standing atop the church building, notes Hisoka's appearance with interest and leaves the scene.

Tsuzuki gets a scolding right away for his "stupidity". {Hisoka: Kono baka! Don't do something so dangerous!} Tsuzuki thanks him instead, and Hisoka blushes and turns away. Maria confesses that she has wished to be in good relation with her stepmother, but the woman only sees her as an object to be used for making money. Discouraged, she has decided to end it all by killing herself. However, she has woken up only to see a man on a night of the red moon (tm). This man has been asked by her stepmother to resurrect her so the stepmother can continue to make money off her. Tsuzuki comforts her when she blames herself for the death of so many people. She says she will go with them to wherever they are taking her, but she has one last wish...

When Maria goes back to the hotel, Maria's stepmother is in a fury. She slaps Maria and reprimands her for being late. Maria tells her that she will not sing for her anymore. Dismayed by Maria's defiant tone, the stepmother tries to slap her again. Tsuzuki and Hisoka show up and stop her.

Maria's last wish is to sing for herself and not for her stepmother. She sings "Amethyst Remembrance" during the Nagasaki Song Festival. Tsuzuki's binding spells can temporarily remove her from whoever's been controlling her. He also restores her body to the condition it has been before her death for the time being. While listening to the song, Tsuzuki teases Hisoka. He wants to go for a drink, but he will only offer Hisoka "juice". {Tsuzuki: I don't want to carry you to bed anymore.} [Ano, Tsuzuki, do you realize what you just said? You've just broken the hearts of all Tsuzuki x Hisoka fans out there. ;_;]

Hisoka turns to look the other way and notices Muraki standing not too far away. He has another flashback, but this one is more vivid and he can clearly see Muraki has a part in it. As Muraki walks away, Hisoka follows.

The two of them face off at a clearing. Muraki comments that he is surprised to see Hisoka again. Puzzled, Hisoka asks if they know each other. Muraki is satisfied that his spell is still working, since Hisoka does not recognize him. He says he never would have guessed Hisoka would come back as a Shinigami. Stunned, Hisoka doesn't know what to say. All of a sudden, Hisoka's eyes lose their brightness and he collapses. [VERY weird way of falling down.] Muraki catches him and clasps his hand over Hisoka's. Looking into Hisoka's lifeless eyes, Muraki smirks.

Tsuzuki calls out Hisoka's name and rushes toward the clearing. He steps on something in the darkness and turns to see what it is. As the clouds clear and the red moon comes out of hiding, he realizes it's a puddle of blood. Suddenly, he remembers Muraki's words from before: "be careful you don't lose someone important to you..."

In the Classified Documents Room, GuShoShin calls up a file from the computer on Hisoka. The real cause of Kurosaki Hisoka's death is....!?

The Nagasaki File (3)

In Enma Cho's Classified Documents Room, GuShoShin calls up Hisoka's files. Hisoka has died at the age of 16, after 3 years' stay in the hospital. However, the illness is not the real cause of his death. He is actually killed, but since the case is unique in style, the killer is never identified or found. Just then, GuShoShin receives a call from Konoe, who tells him Hisoka has been kidnapped.

Back on Earth, Maria's stepmother is pissed off because she cannot contact the doctor. There is a knock on the door and she hurries to it, thinking the doctor has finally shown up. However, it is an angry Tsuzuki who greets her at the door. He demands to know who is behind the plan regarding Maria's resurrection. When Maria's stepmother says she will be killed if she revealed the truth, Tsuzuki asks instead if the man is Doctor Muraki. Maria's stepmother collapses in defeat.

Elsewhere in a dark building, Hisoka is covered in blood and tied up with wires against a bed that has been turned standing up. Muraki is standing in front of him, a few feet away. {Muraki: "Bouya, you've been a good toy."} Hisoka struggles to move against the wires and only succeed in cutting his neck. Muraki tells him it's futile because the wires are made of women's hair and a special binding spell. When Hisoka asks what Muraki wants with him, Muraki just smiles and fires a shot that lands only inches from Hisoka's face. He then walks up to Hisoka and tilts the boy's chin with the gun. {Muraki: "I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to use you as bait." Hisoka: "Tsuzuki..?"} He then licks Hisoka's bloody fingers. Hisoka thinks to himself how he can only feel a dark, muddled feeling coming from Muraki. He wonders how someone can be so disturbed/twisted inside. Muraki moves away and says he never expects to see him again. Hisoka is surprised at this. {Muraki: "Don't you remember? Our (??something) encounter three years ago?"} [I think the (??something) is "lustful", but I'm not positive so don't quote me on this. =P] Muraki decides it's probably time to revive Hisoka's sealed memories. He reaches out touches Hisoka on the forehead, and Hisoka screams...

Tsuzuki is standing at the railings, close to where he has found the puddle of blood earlier. He places his hand on a blood-covered spot on the railings and blames himself for Hisoka's disappearance. In his right hand, he holds the cellphone that belongs to Maria's stepmother. GuShoShin comes up behind him, worried. Just then, the phone rings and Tsuzuki answers, knowing Muraki is on the other line. After a private conversation on Muraki's part, Tsuzuki replies, "I understand," and hangs up. He tells GuShoShin he's going to meet with Muraki. GuShoShin tries to convince him otherwise, knowing the meeting is a trap. Tsuzuki decides to go nevertheless, since he has to save Hisoka no matter what. He calls up a shikigami in the form of a bird, and tells GuShoShin that the shikigami is a tracker who will lead him to Hisoka's hidden place. [Ano...why didn't you use this earlier?]

Tsuzuki finds Muraki in the church, since Muraki's message is "I'll wait for you at the place where we first met." Muraki turns to Tsuzuki and says, "I had prayed to see you again." As a reply to Tsuzuki's inquiries on Hisoka's whereabouts, Muraki throws him a blood-soaked handkerchief. Not waiting to see Tsuzuki's shocked face, Muraki says, "let's go."

Muraki takes Tsuzuki to a museum. He starts a conversation about the time when Bakufu has attempted to suppress Christianity, so people find a way to keep their religion by hiding signs of cross behind the Buddha. [Bafuku is an era in Japan where a military government, led by the shogun, rules. **much thanks to Lex for the info.] He then turns to Tsuzuki and comments on the beauty of Tsuzuki's eyes.

They go to an antique shop, where Muraki has some fun playing with two dolls. {Muraki: "Dolls, if broken, can be fixed. In comparison, human beings are very fragile."} When he asks Tsuzuki which dolls he like more, Tsuzuki is too worried about Hisoka to even hear him. Muraki is very pissed at this.

Afterwards, they go to a cafe. {Muraki: "I remember you really like sweets."} Tsuzuki has a outburst and tells Muraki to quit playing games with him and just spill Hisoka's whereabouts. Muraki says he's doing this all for Tsuzuki. He then replies the boy is okay, and Tsuzuki really shouldn't worry about him that much. {Muraki: "I know all about the boy. After all, the one who killed him was ME."}

~Commercial Break~
Back in the dark building, Hisoka opens his eyes. He starts to remember what has happened to him, just as Muraki starts to tell Tsuzuki about it in the cafe. The red marks of Muraki's curse resurface on Hisoka's body.

...Hisoka couldn't sleep one night, so he went out for a walk. Under a cherry tree, a man in white trenchcoat was hovering over a woman. As the red moon (tm) reappeared from behind the clouds, the man stabbed the woman with a knife. He turned around and saw Hisoka...

In the cafe, Tsuzuki listens with shock. {Muraki: "I would have just killed him, but since he was such a pretty boy..."}

[Insert scenes of Hisoka getting disrobed, Muraki thrusting into Hisoka while Hisoka's hands are tied above him... Hisoka in agony as Muraki's curse marked his body...]

Finally getting out of the shock, Tsuzuki tells Muraki to shut up. Muraki tells him Hisoka is only bait in this game. {Muraki: "I'll keep the prize for now, since you keep thinking about him during our date. It's your fault. You lose your calm whenever his name comes up in our conversation."} Muraki also mentions that even though Hisoka's a shinigami, he will still die if he lose any more blood. Before Muraki leaves, he notices Tsuzuki's shikigami flying outside the window.

It's near nighttime. In the dark building, Hisoka has flashbacks to all the times when Tsuzuki helps him. Amused, he wonders why he is thinking about Tsuzuki at a time like this. Suddenly, he hears someone calling his name. He opens his eyes and sees Tsuzuki and GuShoShin in the doorway facing him. As Tsuzuki starts to free him from the wires, Hisoka asks why Tsuzuki has come to rescue someone like him. Tsuzuki replies he can't just leave him there. Before they can escape, however, Muraki shows up.

Tsuzuki is now very angry at Muraki for treating them all like toys, so he attacks Muraki with a spell. Not the least affected, Muraki tells him to look up, where bats occupy the entire ceiling. The bats start to attack them. Tsuzuki terminates them with spells, while Hisoka and GuShoShin stay in a barrier created by another one of Tsuzuki's spells.

Muraki summons a powerful three-headed monster to attack Tsuzuki, who dodges all the attacks. However, the explosions manage to damage the barrier protecting Hisoka and GuShoShin. Hisoka tries to set up another barrier, but his blood loss prevents him from getting enough strength to do so. Sensing this weakness, Muraki sends the monster to attack Hisoka in full-force. Tsuzuki yells at Muraki to stop, but that only fuels Muraki's anger. Muraki is very annoyed at Hisoka now, since the boy keeps getting in between him and Tsuzuki. He thinks he can have Tsuzuki all to himself if Hisoka is gone. Muraki tells his monster to destroy Hisoka once and for all. The barrier is about to break, and the monster sends another strong attack against it...

Tsuzuki rushes forward and shields Hisoka with his own body. The blast hits him straight in the back and leaves behind a deep gaping wound. [Is it me, or is the blood flowing out from the wrong place?] Muraki is really happy now because he figures Tsuzuki is too weak to fight back. He demands the boy move aside and hand Tsuzuki to him.

Tsuzuki grabs Hisoka's arm and begins to speak to him via Hisoka's empathic abilities. He says he knows Hisoka would feel uncomfortable synchronizing with him, but he needs to borrow Hisoka's body and energy to summon Suzaku. Hisoka replies he understand and will let Tsuzuki borrow his body.

As Muraki closes in on the two, Hisoka suddenly stands up and holds Tsuzuki behind him. A red aura surrounds him and he begins a summoning spell in Tsuzuki's voice. Muraki is awed at this combination of power and wonders how it is possible. When Suzaku appears, Muraki is mad and yells, "it's not fair!" [^^;; All's fair in love and war.] After Suzaku properly disposes off the monster, Muraki's anger changes to joy. He is impressed that Tsuzuki is stronger than he has imaged. Then he vanishes into thin air, vowing they haven't seen the last of him. [Is Muraki really human!? O_o;]

GuShoShin worries about the two until he sees Tsuzuki carrying Hisoka out of the ruins. GuShoShin is relieved.

In the rain, Hisoka tells Tsuzuki now he understands why he has chosen to become a shinigami. {Hisoka: "I wanted to know the truth."} Hisoka has learned by chance that his death is not due to illness, and wants to find his killer. Now that he does find the killer, however, he can't do anything about it.

{Tsuzuki: "What's your impression of Muraki?"
Hisoka: "I don't know. His soul is too dark for someone of my abilities to understand.}

When Tsuzuki asks him what are his plans from now, Hisoka replies that he doesn't know, but he would understand if Tsuzuki doesn't want to pair up with him anymore. Tsuzuki jokes in a serious tone that Hisoka may be right, since no one would want to pair up with a brat like him.... "at least that was what I thought before". Now Tsuzuki wants Hisoka to be his partner. When Hisoka asks why Tsuzuki saved him, Tsuzuki replies, "because we're partners".

Afterwards, Tsuzuki decides to celebrate their partnership with a meal, and proceeds to recommend several different types of food. {Hisoka: "Don't just decide for yourself! Do you even have money!? Tatsumi-san will berate you again."}

end of first volume.

volume 2 contains the devils trill part 1-3.

The Devil's Trill (1)

A man is playing the violin. Suddenly, he stops and the scene zooms up to his left eye, where a strange pattern is shown. Blood runs down his eyes and the man starts to laugh insanely.

In a doctor's office, the doctor takes off the bandages around a boy's eyes and asks him if he can see. The boy, Minase Hijiri, looks outside the window and sees Tsuzuki and Hisoka standing next to a tree. He rubs his eyes and when he looks again, no one is there. The doctor asks what's wrong, to which Hijiri replies he is just glad he can play the violin again. Before he leaves, he asks the doctor about the donor whose cornea is used in his cornea transplant. He learns that the donor Otonashi Tatsuya is dead, but he has a daughter by the name of Kazusa.

On the way to the orphanage, Hijiri passes a big black dog, who snarls in the background. [Kazusa's now an orphan, and is staying with a nun]

Hijiri thanks Kazusa for what her father did for him, and apologizes for the father's death. Kazusa tells him it's okay, and is glad that at least Hijiri can see now. Noticing Hijiri's violin, she remarks that her father was also a good violin player. Kazusa makes Hijiri promise to play the violin for her one day.

That night, thunder takes over the skies. Hijiri is in his room, kneeling next to the window. He feels like he has killed Kazusa's father. He looks at his hands, which are covered in blood, like his face. Then he starts to feel guilty for his existence.

The next morning, he goes back to the private school. The principal is glad Hijiri is now fully recovered, and plans to let him play the main violin solo in next month's concert. In the classroom, his classmates surround him and tell him how they have been worried about him and how wonderful it is that he's back. Saionji and his gang make fun of Hijiri and thinks it's a joke that someone who is nearly blind can be the main show. Hijiri talks back, saying that Saionji can't beat him in talent, and is only complaining because his father is rich. Saionji is mad and threatens Hijiri before he and his gang leave the room. Hijiri suddenly feels pain in his left eye. His classmates are concerned and he is prompted to get it examined.

Hijiri goes to the school clinic, where he sees Tsuzuki about to eat a cake. Tsuzuki tells him the main doctor is away and he's the substitute. When Hijiri asks for some aspirin, Tsuzuki searches the medical cabinet and ends up giving Hijiri a bottle of tooth pain reliever. Hijiri tells him so, and finds the right medicine himself. He advises Tsuzuki to try harder next time. After Hijiri leaves, Tsuzuki remarks how Hijiri really does resemble Hisoka in appearance.

In one of the music rooms where the violins are stored, Saionji sets fire to Hijiri's violin. It soon evolves into a big fire and alarms sound. Outside the school, the big dog notes the fire.

~Commercial Break~
Hijiri visits Kazusa again. This time, he apologizes to Kazusa for not being able to fulfill their promise because his violin is gone. Hijiri is very depressed because the violin is his favorite, and a momento his father had left him. When Kazusa offers to give him her father's violin, Hijiri whines [or so it seems] that not any replacement will do because he has developed a bond with his old one and it's difficult to do so with another one, no matter how good the violin is. However, when Kazusa opens the violin case, Hijiri gets an eye-full and remarks that the violin is exquisite.

The next day in the music room, the music teacher is scolding a student for not being able to play something right. Saionji then proposes to let Hijiri play, since he is going to be the main show for the concert. Hijiri agrees and starts to play. Everyone is impressed by how well Hijiri is, and wonders when he has reached that level. The teacher is shocked because he recognizes the song as "The Demon's Trill." Just then, a bow string snaps and cuts Hijiri across the left cheek. The teacher yells at him to stop, but Hijiri is in a frenzy and continues to play like nothing has happened. He starts to laugh and his left eye begins to glow and show a slit-pupil effect. Some students notice this and decide that Hijiri has been possessed by a demon.

In the clinic, several female students are talking to Tsuzuki about Hijiri. They tell Tsuzuki about "the Demon's Trill”, one of the most difficult violin pieces ever composed. The composer, an Italian man by the name of Taruteeni, is said to have sold his soul to a demon.

Everyone is afraid of Hijiri now. They gossip about him in the hallway and think he is weird and demonic. When Hijiri visit Kazusa, she hides behind the nun and yells, "don't come near me!" Hijiri is very surprised and hurt by this outburst, so he does not see the black dog standing behind him...

Depressed, Hijiri goes to a church. There, he starts to see hallucinations of his classmates calling him a monster. When finally an image of Kazusa shows up and asks him to return her father to her, he collapses. A knife appears beneath his hand, and a deep voice calls out, "your existence is pointless”. As if hypnotized, Hijiri agrees with the voice and ends his life with the blade. Blood flows all around him.

When Hijiri wakes up, he finds himself in a bed and sees cherry blossoms outside the window. As he wonders outloud whether he is in heaven, a voice answers him. {Tsuzuki: "This is not heaven, but it's not hell either."} Hijiri is surprised to see Tsuzuki and Hisoka, especially since Hisoka looks just like him. Tsuzuki, Hisoka, and the two GuShoShin brothers come to his bedside. Hisoka tells him that they are not human, but Enma Cho's employees by the title of shinigami. Hisoka also reveals that they are after the violin Kazusa has given him. Tsuzuki follows and says that behind the violin is a deal with the demon. Whoever plays the violin will go crazy and commit suicide. GuShoShin adds that over a hundred violinists have already died this way. Tsuzuki tells Hijiri they are looking for the violin. However, Tatsuya has already died by the time they get to him, so they try to talk to the daughter. Kazusa doesn't reveal anything though, so they have to ask for Tatsuya's diary from the nun. Per Hisoka's request, the GuShoShin brothers read from the diary, and Tatsuya's voice overlaps theirs in a flashback sequence.

Apparently, Tatsuya has a dream one night in which he meets with a demon. The demon makes a deal with him - he will become a good violinist, but only in exchange for one of his most treasured possessions. The demon then stabs his left eye to seal the contract.

Tsuzuki says that they wish to examine Hijiri's eye, and promises to protect him.

Watari analyses the results on the computer, and finds the contract written in strange text within a round pattern. The contract states that when the deal is fulfilled, the demon gets Kazusa in exchange. Because Hijiri gets the cornea from Otonashi Tatsuya, a part of Tatsuya is technically still alive and the deal is not completed. In other words, the demon is out to kill Hijiri in other to complete the rest of the deal.

The Devil's Trill (2)

The scene from the end of episode 4 continues...

Later, the group stays in a living room. Hijiri is depressed about the whole incident. Tsuzuki suggests another surgery to remove the donated cornea, but Watari replies that it won't work because the cornea is now a part of Hijiri's body. To cheer up Hijiri, Tsuzuki promises to protect the boy, and prompts Hisoka to agree with him. However, Hisoka refuses because he doesn't want to make invalid promises. Hisoka warns Tsuzuki he will be the one to suffer if he fails.

Hisoka leaves the room and meets Tatsumi in the hallway. Tatsumi wants to know how he's adjusting to the shinigami work. Hisoka replies he is not very sure yet. Hisoka is also learning spells from Konoe because a shinigami who cannot use spells is useless and he wants to be on the same level as Tsuzuki. However, he feels Tsuzuki is too kind for the job and makes promises he may not be able to keep. Tatsumi reassures Hisoka that Tsuzuki is only like that on the surface, and he always keep his promises. Tatsumi also believes the two of them will work well together.

Meanwhile, Hijiri refuses to stay at Enma Cho for protection, no matter how Tsuzuki and the others try to convince him otherwise. Tsuzuki finally gives in, but vows to keep Hijiri safe.

In the next couple of days, Hijiri faces all kinds of danger. First, the basketball stand at school falls and almost flattens him. Then, an empty car almost crushes into him. Tsuzuki saves him on both occasions. The third time, the hill on the side of the road collapses and would have swallowed him alive if not for both Tsuzuki and Hisoka. Hijiri notices Tsuzuki's right hand is injured, but Tsuzuki says it's okay because he's a shinigami and the wound heals instantly. {Tsuzuki: "If you die, Kazusa dies as well."} Tsuzuki finally agrees to their protection.

In Enma Cho, Watari is frustrated because he can't identify the demon's true form. The GuShoShin brothers, however, notice something is unusual.
{GuShoShin-elder: "But you still look cheerful. Could it be that you're glad you've meet a worthy competitor?
Watari: "You can tell?"
::both GuShoShin brothers nods::
Watari: "Heh, this is a challenge for me. I won't lose!"
GuShoShin brothers: -_-;}

Tsuzuki, Hisoka, and Hijiri go to see Kazusa. Tsuzuki suggests bringing Kazusa to Enma Cho for her safety. When Kazusa first sees Tsuzuki, she calls him "ojisan." [Ojisan means "uncle" or "middle-aged man." XDD] Tsuzuki spends majority of the time sulking in the back, poking at a stuffed toy. Kazusa tells Hijiri she isn't afraid of him, and the reason she hid from him before is because there was something scary behind him at the time. Tsuzuki and Hisoka note this and believes what Kazusa saw may be significant in this case.

Later that night, Hijiri and Tsuzuki are back in Hijiri's place. Hisoka has taken Kazusa to Enma Cho, so Hijiri doesn't need to worry about her. Tsuzuki makes some curry rice and wants Hijiri to try it out. Needless to say, Hijiri almost throws up due to Tsuzuki's horrible cooking skills. Tsuzuki, totally oblivious but having great confidence in his own cooking, thinks Hijiri is speechless because of the delicious taste. {Hijiri: "He sure lives up to the shinigami title. Even his sense of taste is dead."} After Tsuzuki leaves the room to finish the curry, Hijiri starts to play the violin. The black dog from before growls and suddenly Hijiri feels pain in his left eye again. The wind blows the window open and a demon appears before him. The demon promises to teach Hijiri all the songs he know. By the time Tsuzuki notices something is wrong, he finds the room empty.

Hijiri goes to the school clinic and finds a hidden violin. When Tsuzuki finally finds him, Hijiri is playing the violin in a frenzy, his left eye glowing in the dark.

~Commercial Break~
When Hijiri wakes up, he is lying in a bed in the school clinic. He apologizes to Tsuzuki and Hisoka for his weakness, to which Hisoka replies it can't be helped, since humans are no match for such a strong demon. Hijiri makes a decision and asks Tsuzuki to help him with something.

Watari is still trying to figure out the identity of the demon. Kazusa is sitting on a chair nearby and holding her teddy bear, with the owl 003 perching behind her. She comes up to Watari and points at the computer screen, saying she has seen the image before. The image in question is that of a creature in the shape of a dog. Watari realizes the dog is one of the demon's true forms. Just then, Tsuzuki enters the room and takes in the current situation.

Hijiri takes Kazusa to the school's auditorium, so he can fulfill his promise to play the violin for her. As he starts to play, the demon comes out of his shadows and tries to attack him. However, a barrier blocks the demon's attack. The performance is actually a trap to force the demon out. Tsuzuki shows up to fight the demon, who transforms into a bigger monster. He is then identified as the Fire Dragon Brigade Leader Surgatanus.

The demon begins to attack all of them. His power is so strong that soon the building is in ruins. Tsuzuki summons Byakko, a shikigami in the form of a great white tiger. Byakko spits out an energy bomb at the demon, injuring him. In revenge, the demon bombards flames at Watari and company.

The flames bounce off the protective barrier surrounding them. As Watari observes the air battle, he finds it impressive that Tsuzuki has enough power to fight such a powerful demon. Just then, the demon looks over at Hijiri and causes Hijiri to bend over in pain. When Hijiri looks up again, he sees the demon heading for Tsuzuki. Hijiri runs out of the barrier and into the open field. Surprised, Watari and the others shout out his name. Tsuzuki gets distracted by the commotion and looks their way. The demon uses this chance to slam into him, biting him on the shoulder. Tsuzuki manages to escape by calling Byakko, who blows the demon away.

When Tsuzuki lands on the ground, the group rushes over to his side. Watari immediately strips Tsuzuki, yelling, "let me see your body!" The rest of the group are shocked. While Hisoka and Hijiri blush silently, the two GuShoShin brothers try to cover Kazusa's eyes and ask what the heck Watari is doing. Finally done, Watari breathes a sigh of relief and says it's all good. {Tsuzuki: "Watari... Is this the way you see me?" Watari: "Shut up, you idiot! The demon may have invaded your body!"} Watari then explains how the demon has a strong vitality and may not be so easily killed. The demon also does not have a solid form and is a sort of parasite that needs a host to survive. Hijiri is concerned about Tsuzuki's injuries, but Tsuzuki tells him not to worry about it.

However, when Tsuzuki returns to the school clinic, blood explodes out of his shoulder. {Tsuzuki: "You *are* still alive!" Surgatanus: "Of course. I won't be killed so easily. My power will not disappear!"} The demon then begins to take over Tsuzuki's body by invading his body cells one by one. The blood disappears into the shoulder wound and forms a black X mark. {Sargatanis: "You're now part of me."} Black wings spout out of Tsuzuki's back. When Tsuzuki speaks again, it is in the demon's voice: "This is now my true form."


The Devil's Trill (3)

Hijiri is having a lot of fun during the sightseeing trip. Hisoka, who accompanies him, is already tired and wonders about Hijiri's enthusiasm. Hijiri remarks how he wished to have Tsuzuki with them, too. He thanks Hisoka, "I'm still alive because you protected me”. ["You" refers to both Hisoka and Tsuzuki.] Hijiri is sad that they would not be able to see each other [especially Tsuzuki] after the day.

During this time, Tsuzuki has been at the school's basement storage area. He is again posing as the school doctor. The janitor thinks Tsuzuki is very dedicated to be working an extra shift. He hands Tsuzuki a package, which Tsuzuki unwraps and reveals the big cleaver inside. [The lighting makes the white labcoat Tsuzuki is wearing extremely bright, almost like Muraki's. Perhaps an effort on the animators' part to focus on the white (evil) & black (good) contrast? Note that Muraki is always wearing white while Tsuzuki usually sticks to the dark colors.]

Later that night, Tsuzuki returns to Hijiri's place. He asks for Kazusa, and learns she is back in Enma Cho. Suspicious, Hisoka tests Tsuzuki on Konoe's taste in food, which Tsuzuki answers incorrectly. [Konoe, like Tsuzuki, has a weak spot for sweets.] Tsuzuki goes to take a shower, and Hijiri starts to tell him about the change of clothes. However, Hisoka stops Hijiri from following.

In the shower, [which is so steamy you don't see anything. >:O] Tsuzuki is in pain again from trying to fight the demon. The demon prompts him to kill everyone.

Hijiri is in his room, standing next to the window. When Tsuzuki comes in, he says, "look at the sunset. It's like the souls of the people who have died at sea”. Tsuzuki slams his hand against the window, causing Hijiri to turn to look at him. Tsuzuki demands some gratitude from Hijiri in exchange for protecting him.

{Hijiri: "Thank you."
Tsuzuki: "It's not enough."
Hijiri: "What do you want? I'll do anything within my power."
Tsuzuki: "Anything? Then give me your body."}

Tsuzuki embraces Hijiri from behind, startling the boy.

{Hijiri: "Wait... You're kidding, right?"
Tsuzuki: "You're so pretty... Hijiri..."}

Then Tsuzuki stabs him with the cleaver. As Tsuzuki starts to hack Hijiri to death, blood splatters everywhere. [The scene changes into black & white. Outside, the clouds turn red while the moon turns to a blue-ish color. The blood is also blue instead of red.] The scene ends with Tsuzuki's laughter and Hijiri's shocked face, pale against the blood pooling around him.

The next morning, Hisoka reports the incident to Konoe. Tsuzuki has been possessed by the demon. When Konoe asks for evidence, Hisoka lists two. He senses no feelings from Tsuzuki, who also doesn't remember Konoe's fondness for sweets. Just then, Tsuzuki attacks their headquarters with Suzaku and Byakko. He wants Kazusa, since he has already fulfilled the contract by killing Hijiri. Konoe and Watari show up and try to stop him.

{Watari: You're possessed by the demon!"} Suddenly, Hijiri appears. Tsuzuki is shocked, since he is so sure he has killed Hijiri the night before. Hijiri then pulls off the wig and reveals himself to be Hisoka. Apparently, the one Tsuzuki has "killed" is not Hijiri, but Hisoka in disguise. Hijiri and Kazusa are hiding in a safe place within Enma Cho. Back outside, Tsuzuki decides the matter has now expanded beyond the contract. Now he plans to kill everyone, saving Hisoka last for the worst torture. Byakko starts to attack Enma Cho in earnest. Feeling the building shake, Hijiri tells Kazusa to stay in the room and runs out himself. [-_-;;; Leaving a child behind like that...]

Meanwhile, Hisoka asks Konoe for permission to perform a procedure that will separate Tsuzuki's spiritual power. Konoe refuses, until Hisoka explains to him their grave condition and how Tsuzuki will end up destroying them all if this keeps up. {Hisoka: "I don't want to do this either, but there is no other way."} Konoe finally gives his consent and Hisoka turns to face the entrance. [Hisoka actually looks his age here. ^_^ ::swoons::]

As Tsuzuki comes in and demands to see Kazusa, Hisoka casts the binding spell on him. However, before Hisoka adds the final spell, Hijiri stops him. Hijiri doesn't want Hisoka to hurt Tsuzuki anymore. Hisoka replies that he doesn't want to hurt Tsuzuki either, but it's either the binding spell or Tsuzuki will destroy everyone else. By this time, Tsuzuki has gained enough time to break through the half-completed binding. Tsuzuki tears open the barrier and attacks. Hisoka pushes Hijiri out of the way and gets hit hard in the back.

~Commercial Break~
Tsuzuki starts to advance upon them. Hisoka slowly gets up and declares he will destroy the demon no matter what. Watari decides they must try to save Tsuzuki first. Tsuzuki laughs and says, "save him? I control him totally. He cannot escape my world." He also remarks how Tsuzuki isn't worth saving and, when Konoe asks why, reveals that he has indeed seen all of Tsuzuki's memories. The demon remarks how easy it is to break Tsuzuki's spirit by showing Tsuzuki the crimes he has commited in the past. Burdened by guilt, Tsuzuki will not be able to escape the demon's world. The feeling is so strong Hisoka feels it and falls to his knees in pain. After hearing Tsuzuki taunt them all, Hisoka gets up again and walks toward him, starting another binding spell. Hijiri also joins in the fight, calling out for Tsuzuki to come back to them. In Tsuzuki's mind, a young Tsuzuki runs away crying and begging for forgiveness, as blood-soaked hands reach out to him yelling out "why?" Then he changes into the grown-up Tsuzuki and says, "I didn't want this." He hugs himself tightly, then collapses. The demon appears before him in the beast form. {Surgatanus: "Where are you escaping? You're mine."} Then, Hijiri appears. The demon gets really upset. Hisoka joins in soon afterwards.

{Hijiri: "I like you."
Surgatanus: "You can't betray me."
Higiri: "Don't worry about the past. Come back to us."
Hijiri: "You don't have to be kind to the demon. Show him what you are capable of. Show him your power."}

Tsuzuki escapes from the demon's control. {Surgatanus: "So it's all YOUR doing. Enma DaiOh!"} The demon is pushed out of his back. Watari comments that now they finally get to see the demon's true form. When the demon is almost entirely out of Tsuzuki's body, Tsuzuki sends Suzaku and Byakko to attack the demon, killing it. Parts of the building collapse, about to hit Hijiri. Tsuzuki screams his name, and Kazusa suddenly shows up, reaching towards Hijiri...

After leaving Enma DaiOh's office, Konoe tells Tatsumi everything is now settled and Tsuzuki will not be punished for the Meifu destructions.

When Hijiri wakes up again, he is told it's all over and he doesn't have to worry about the eye anymore. Unfortunately, Kazusa died shielding him from the falling debris.

Sometime later, by the pond with the cherry blossoms, Tsuzuki and Hijiri are talking. Tsuzuki blames himself for trying to kill them when he had promised to protect. Hijiri reassures him it's all right, and that he should be happy for himself. Hijiri hugs him and asks him to go to the concert. He's going to play the Demon's Trill.

Still sometime later, Hisoka shows up to stand beside Tsuzuki. Tsuzuki thinks Hisoka is right in saying he cannot keep the promise, since he did not protect the two people he was supposed to protect. Hisoka replies everyone understands and Tsuzuki should not worry so much.

Hisoka, Tsuzuki, and Kazusa all attend Hijiri's concert, but they stand in the back. The audience is impressed with Hijiri's solo and the concert is an success. When Hijiri goes to the backroom, one of his classmates show him a bouquet of flowers and a card without names. The classmate thinks the person is careless to forget the name, but Hijiri knows who the flowers are from. He is glad they had come to the concert.


end of second volume.

The third volume contains King of Swords 1-3

volume 3 contains the king of swords chapters 1-3.

king of swords (1)

In the Castle of Candles, The Earl is checking out pictures of Tsuzuki on his laptop. Watson alerts him to a candle that suddenly burns more viciously...

There is a variety of sweets on the top of Tsuzuki's desk. Before he gets to enjoy them, however, GuShoShin comes in to say they are wanted in Konoe's office. [Tsuzuki has shielded the cakes to prevent sharing them with GuShoShin, and when he looks up, a bit of frosting covers the top of his nose. =P]

Konoe informs them of the situation regarding the candles in the Castle of Candles. There is a sudden increase of mysterious disappearances, and also an increase of people with longer life spans. The connection between them is an association by the name of Kakyouin Group. Tsuzuki and Hisoka are to go undercover in Queen Camellia, a luxury cruise ship owned by the Kakyouin Group. When Tsuzuki starts to complain about not being able to finish his cakes, Tatsumi "kindly" tells him they will eat all the cakes for him.

Tsuzuki is acting as a dealer in the ship's casino, while Hisoka is registered as the son of a big corporation called the Hibiki Group, and a VIP passenger. GuShoShin-elder is posing as Hibiki Group's newest toy design. Kakyouin Takeshi, the owner of the ship, greets Hisoka. [Here's a really cute scene: Hisoka demonstrates the toy's function by tickling GuShoShin-elder, then "shuts" him off by "boink-ing" him on the head. GuShoShin-elder looks like he's going to cry. ^^;] Kakyouin is impressed, whilst GuShoShin-elder thinks he is very dense to not see through the disguise. Hisoka replies that's because Hibiki Azumi lives aboard and no one really knows what he looks like.

Tsuzuki observes the people sitting around the card table. He identifies the politician Wakabayashi Syouzou and the popular actress Houjou Kanako, reportedly Wakabayashi's mistress. When the final cards are revealed, the House wins. Wakabayashi is a sour loser, so he slaps Tsuzuki's hands away when Tsuzuki try to take the chips. Wakabayashi and Kanako leave. A big pharmaceutical company's director's son, Abiko Tetsuhiro, asks if Tsuzuki is all right. Realizing Tsuzuki is new to the ship, Abiko warns him not to go out at night because there is a female ghost roaming the ship.

Meanwhile, Hisoka bumps into a girl and knocks down the flower on her collar. He picks up the camellia flower for her, and she asks if he wants to dance. Later, they go out to the deck. The girl introduces herself as Kakyouin Tsubaki. She is also nicknamed Tsubaki-hime because she always wears tsubaki (camellia) on her clothes. [Hime => Princess.]

[Tsubaki-hime is also the nickname of the main female character, Marguerite Gautier, in French playwright Alexandre Dumas Jr.'s play-turned-novel, "La Dame aux Camélias." It is based on a real story, and the heroine has been Dumas Jr.'s mistress for nearly a year. The novel is later translated into English by the titles "Camille" or "The Lady of the Camelias." It's a wonderful, sweetly romantic tragedy. If you haven't read it yet, do!]

[*Alexandre Dumas Jr. is the illegitimate son of Alexandre Dumas, who wrote The Three Musketeers saga.]

In a private room somewhere, a servant offers a doctor some Chateau Margaux red wine. The doctor hears a commotion outside and goes out to investigate. It turns out that Tsuzuki is trying to go into the VIP suite, but because he can't speak English, he cannot communicate with the security guys who block his way.

The following conversations are said in *English*: {Tsuzuki: "No, no, I have no money!" Security #1: Where do you think you're going? Don't you know that from this point on, it's the VIP room?}

A wine bottle suddenly flies down the stairs and hits Tsuzuki on the forehead, knocking him over.

Again, the following conversations are said in *English*: {Security #2: "Who is it!?" Doctor: "He is a friend. I want you all to back off of him." Security #2: "What the..." Securityty #3: "Stop! That's the owner! The VIP!"} [Hmmm.. This sentence is slightly incorrect, since the owner is Kakyouin and Muraki is only a special guest. So technically, it should be that Muraki is "one of the owner's VIP."]

The security guys leave. {Muraki: "Tsuzuki-san, we meet again."} Tsuzuki is shocked to realize the doctor is Muraki. Muraki invites Tsuzuki to the room and offers him some red wine, but Tsuzuki is more interested in knowing what Muraki is doing on the ship. {Muraki: "You're still pure/simple and straightforward. Perhaps that's why I'm so captivated with you.} [As Muraki says this, he starts playing with the wine glass in a disturbed manner. Some sort of Freudian symbolism, maybe? O_o;] Before Muraki leaves, he reveals he is the doctor for the ship owner's daughter.

Tsubaki-hime isn't feeling very well so Hisoka escorts her to her room. There, Hisoka learns Muraki is her doctor. Just as Hisoka starts to get fuzzy thoughts about Muraki, the door to the room opens and Muraki comes in. Hisoka glares at him with hatred, while Muraki calmly acknowledges his presence. {Muraki: "You're here, too? What a coincidence."} Tsubaki-hime is puzzled by this interaction.

When Tsuzuki is walking to Hisoka's room, he overhears a conversation between Wakabayashi and Kakyouin. Wakabayashi is blackmailing Kakyouin. Since Wakabayashi had lost the card game earlier at Tsuzuki's hand, he wants Kakyouin to arrange it so he can win the next one.

Later that night, Muraki is tucking Tsubaki-hime to bed. When Tsubaki-hime asks how he knows about Azumi (aka Hisoka), Muraki replies he just happens to know a wide circle of people. Then, Muraki smiles and hands her some medicine. Tsubaki-hime drinks it and goes to sleep. {Muraki: "Good girl. Goodnight, Tsubaki-hime."}

The next morning, Hisoka and Tsuzuki hear a scream. They rush towards the source and ends up in front of Wakabayashi's door. When they look inside, they find Wakabayashi's dead body sitting in a chair, with candles all around him. There is blood stain on his chest that leads all the way to his feet, where a message card lies.

~Commercial Break~
In a study, Hisoka, Tsuzuki, Kakyouin, Tsubaki-hime, Kanako, and the servant Akiyama are waiting for the autopsy results. Muraki and Abiko come into the room. Muraki reports the time of death to be between 3 to 4 a.m., cause of death is cardiac failure led by poison. Wakabayashi's heart was probably removed after his death. He concludes it's a homicide, and the murderer is among them. Tsuzuki agrees, since the tight security on the ship limits the suspects to those who have access to the VIP area.

Kanako accuses Kakyouin as the murder, since Kakayouin has a fight with Wakabayashi the night before. Abiko thinks it's the ghost he hears roaming about the ship. Kanako makes fun of him for believing in ghosts, because it's so obvious the criminal is human. Tsuzuki opens the message card and reads it outloud:

"Dear Tsubaki-hime,
A gift for you from someone who loves you truly,
consecrating the sacrificial heart on the altar.
Ace of Wands."

There is also a tarot card, Ace of Wands, with the message card. Tsubaki-hime explains the card has the meaning for "beginning."

Later, Tsuzuki asks Hisoka's opinion on the situation, and whether he thinks Muraki is the one behind it. Hisoka agrees with Tsuzuki, since he also can't think of anyone except Muraki who could be the culprit.

Then, Muraki shows up with a bouquet of red roses for Tsuzuki. {Muraki: "I still really like you. I prepared these Red Queens especially for you."} Muraki proposes a game of poker with Tsuzuki, but instead of betting on money, he wants to bet on "body“. When Tsuzuki starts to refuse, Muraki taunts him, "are you afraid you'll lose?" Then, Muraki says he will tell Tsuzuki everything he knows about the female ghost if he loses. Tsuzuki finally agrees to the game.

Unfortunately for Tsuzuki, Muraki wins the game with a King Fullhouse. [A big sign of "USO DA~~" shows up in the background behind Tsuzuki. "uso da"="no way"] Muraki advances on Tsuzuki, backing him into the wall. {Muraki: "You're mine for tonight."} Tsuzuki looks away and shuts his eyes. Suddenly, Hisoka interrupts them. {Hisoka: "Wait. I challenge you to a game, doctor. If I win, the previous round doesn't count."}

The game starts, with Tsuzuki sitting in a chair labeled "prize“. Muraki is very confident about the outcome.
{Muraki: "You suspect me, don't you? But I have an alibi. You can go ask Tsubaki-hime if you don't believe me. However, the alibi is so perfect that it may bring even more suspicion. In addition, I'm the one who performed the autopsy on Wakabayashi."
Tsuzuki: "What do you mean by that?"
Muraki: "You may suspect me to have mislead you to the real time of death in order for my alibi to work. Is that not so?"}

However, Hisoka wins the game with a Royal Straight Flush. Tsuzuki is so relieved he turns into Tsuzuki-doggie again. Muraki starts to leave, but Tsuzuki stops him, demanding Muraki pay the price now that he has lost. Muraki tells them about Irene, a girl who was on the ship for a while, but suddenly died. After her death, strange things begin to happen. Tsuzuki doesn't believe him. This saddens Muraki.

{Tsuzuki: "Don't assume you can change the subject. Are you not the one behind it all?"
Muraki: "Why don't you trust me? If I die... then you will trust me."}

The next morning, Tsubaki-hime knocks on Hisoka and Tsuzuki's door. She tells them Muraki hasn't shown up, and his room is locked. They run to Muraki's room and Tsuzuki bangs on the door. Akiyama, Abiko, and Kanako come up to them, and Akiyama unlocks the door with a key. When they enter the room, they see a doll on the center table. Tsubaki-hime goes to the bed and screams when she finds Muraki's body. He is lying in the bed with his right arm over his chest, holding a bouquet of roses and another message card. There is blood on his lips and on the pillow. Poker cards are scattered all around him. Tsuzuki and Hisoka are in shock.

{Hisoka: "What's going on!? Even Muraki is killed..."}

king of swords (2)

Continuing from episode 7... Tsubaki-hime faints after seeing Muraki's corpse.

Abiko, being the only other person besides Muraki who has medical knowledge, performs the autopsy. He reports Muraki's cause of death to be poison in the red wine he drank the night before. The time of death is between 2 to 3:30 a.m. However, there are two differences between Muraki's death and Wakabayashi's death. Muraki's heart is not taken away, and the tarot card is torn in half. Tsuzuki reads the message card:

"Dear Tsubaki-hime,
A gift for you from someone who loves you truly,
Sleeping in a coffin of roses, 'two' gentlemen in black.
King of Swords."

Kanako wants them to turn the ship back, but Kakyouin is reluctant to do so because he doesn't want people to know there is a killer onboard. Akiyama comes in and reports radio communication is dead. Now they are stuck in the middle of the ocean and cannot turn back. Kanako gets angry and declares if she dies, it will be Kakyouin's fault. After everyone leaves the room, Tsuzuki asks Kakyouin about Irene. Kakyouin grows agitated, and tells Tsuzuki to let it go. As Tsuzuki walks out, he thinks about Kakyouin's behavior, the murders, and the mysterious Irene.

In Tsubaki-hime's room, Hisoka is looking over her. He wonders about Muraki's death and what the real culprit has in mind. Tsubaki-hime cries out in her sleep and, when Hisoka leans over her in concern, grabs his hand. Hisoka synchronizes with her. He sees Tsubaki-hime's meeting with Muraki, her fright at losing Irene, and her anguish at Muraki's death. When all the images collide and bombard his mind at once, the pressure is too much for Hisoka and he collapses. Tsuzuki enters the room to find Hisoka on the ground.

Tsuzuki takes Hisoka back to their room. GuShoShin reports there is an increase in the number of people missing in Hong Kong. Tsuzuki wonders how this relates to the "candle case," and learns that the dates for both incidents match exactly. Tsuzuki asks GuShoShin to search for information on Irene and the meaning behind the "King of Swords." It turns out the card can mean either "advisor" or "cruel man". Tsuzuki ponders which meaning they are supposed to apply in this case.

Hisoka wakes up and decides to go out to the deck for some air. When he passes by Muraki's room, he notices the door is open. Inside, he finds Tsubaki-hime, who wants to see Muraki one last time. They move to the deck to talk. Tsubaki-hime recounts her encounter with Muraki when she was ten years old. His white clothing made him look like an angel to her, and she fell in love with him instantly. She wonders why Muraki had to die, and Hisoka replies, "punishment". [Or "karma".] {Hisoka: "If he is an angel, his name would be 'destruction’. You don't know the real him."} Tsubaki-hime slaps him and says, "you're the one who doesn't know the real him." She stomps away in anger. Hisoka stays on the deck, looking out at the sea as rain starts to fall.

In the casino, Tsuzuki notices Kanako wearing the ring Wakabayashi had worn prior to his death. He asks her about it, and she explains she just took it because the man is now dead. The size doesn't fit, however, so she will have to have it fixed after they arrive in Hong Kong. She leaves, and soon Hisoka comes in and takes her seat. Tsuzuki notices Hisoka is soaked and asks if he is all right. Hisoka tells him how Tsubaki-hime still has feelings for Muraki. Tsuzuki advises Hisoka that although Muraki is their enemy, he is the object of affection for Tsubaki-hime. Hisoka should try to understand Tsubaki-hime's feelings. {Tsuzuki: "If you want to reconcile with her, let 'big brother' help you."}

~Commercial Break~
As instructed by Muraki before his death, Tsubaki-hime takes the medicine. Her eyes go blank and she leaves the room in a daze.

Hisoka walks towards Tsubaki-hime's room, holding some flowers in his hands. Tsuzuki suggested him taking Tsubaki-hime out on a date. However, he finds her room empty.

Elsewhere, Akiyama finds another message card under the door to Kanako's room. Soon, the whole group meets in Kanako's room, where a clothing trunk lies in the center of the room. Some pieces of bloodstained clothe and ribbons peek through the edge of the trunk. When Tsuzuki opens the trunk, it reveals Kanako's dead body. On her blood-soaked breast lies another tarot card. Tsubaki-hime screams in terror. Hisoka reads the message card:

"Dear Tsubaki-hime,
A gift for you from someone who loves you truly,
Heartless dolls trapped in a mechanical box.
Six of Pentacles."

Abiko examines the body and exclaims it's the same method of death as before. The ring falls from Kanako's lax fingers, and Tsuzuki picks it up. Abiko starts to suspect the owner as the killer, since they all witness of the fight from yesterday. Tsubaki-hime defends her father's honor, and Hisoka suggests they talk to the owner first before jumping to any conclusions.

They rush to the owner's room, only to find another message card beneath the door. Tsuzuki rushes into the room, and there they see Kakyouin's upper body hanging on the ceiling, with the noose around his neck. His lips are sewn shut with thick strings, and his dismembered limbs are scattered all around the room. Tsubaki-hime faints on the spot. Hisoka reads the message card:

"Dear Tsubaki-hime,
A gift for you from someone who loves you truly,
The dead cannot speak.
Even now, do you still not understand?
Seven of Wands."

Abiko freaks out, thinking he will be the next victim. Tsuzuki continues to stare at Kakyouin's body in shock.

Back in the room, Tsuzuki analizes the cards and the murders. He lists all the tarot cards, the victims, and the possible connections between them. The latest tarot card, which is placed in reverse as the one before it, suggests Kakyouin has been threatened or blackmailed before his death. Tsuzuki is angry he cannot identify the murderer, and wonders how many more people will become victims before the murderer reaches his/her goal. GuShoShin finds information on Irene, identifying her as one of the many on the list of missing people. As Tsuzuki plays around with the ring, he accidentally breaks it. He finds a microchip hidden within the broken pieces.

Tsubaki-hime has woken up, and Hisoka apologizes to her about his earlier attitude regarding Muraki. Tsubaki-hime is curious why Hisoka hates Muraki so. Hisoka confesses that he is not Hibiki Azumi. In fact, he is not even human because Muraki has killed him. What follows is the flashback sequence to the time when he witnessed Muraki's killing and was in turn raped, cursed, and killed. He explains to Tsubaki-hime that he becomes a shinigami because he wants revenge. Tsubaki-hime cannot believe this, so Hisoka shows her the evidence of being a shinigami. He stabs his left hand with a fruit knife, and holds it up in front of her. The wound heals instantly, and Tsubaki-hime gasps in shock. Hisoka looks away and moves to the window. He reveals his undercover work and apologizes for lying to Tsubaki-hime before. Tsubaki-hime takes his left hand and holds it close to her face. She begins to cry.

{Tsuabaki-hime: "Even after death, you're still hating someone so much. You have to continue living the pain that has been imprinted upon you. Doesn't this mean you will never be able to escape from that person? You're... like me."
Hisoka: "Tsubaki-hime..."}

Thunders clash outside. In his room, Muraki suddenly opens his eyes.

king of swords (3)

Repeat of the last two scenes from episode 8.

Standing on the deck, Tsubaki-hime laments she is now an orphan. {Tsubaki-hime: "Why does everyone important to me leave?" Hisoka: "Like... Irene?"} Hisoka has learned of Irene earlier, when Tsubaki-hime synchronizes with him in her dream. Tsubaki-hime explains that Irene used to be her only friend. Because of her father's work, she stayed in Hong Kong for a period of time. Irene was her neighbor and eventually became her friend. When they had to go back to Japan, Tsubaki-hime's father invited Irene to come with them. However, Irene suddenly disappeared.

{Tsubaki-hime: "Azumi, even if it's only from now to when we reach Hong Kong, will you stay with me always?"
Hisoka: "Azumi is not my real name."
Tsubaki-hime: "That's true. So what should I call you? Please tell me."
Hisoka: "Hisoka. Kurosaki Hisoka."}

After he escorts Tsubaki-hime to her room, Hisoka has another flashback of Muraki while he is walking back to his room. When he enters the suite, he finds the room a mess. Tsuzuki and GuShoShin have been busy checking the information in the microchip. Tsuzuki notices Hisoka's pallor and tells him to rest.

In the Kuzutaka mansion, Muraki's old devoted servant Sakaki answers the phone. Muraki wants to make sure all preparations are completed. Sakaki replies everything is well.

Hisoka has a nightmare and wakes up screaming. Tsuzuki looks down at him, worried. As he tries to clam down, Hisoka wonders why he is dreaming about Muraki now. GuShoShin interrupts his line of thought, exclaiming how he finally crackrd the code to the microchip's main database. They see a long list of numbers, and GuShoShin opens a file to reveal Queen Camellia's blueprint design. There is a red X mark on the lower section of the ship. Tsuzuki asks GuShoShin to report the newest findings to Enma Cho right away.

In Enma Cho, Tatsumi shows Konoe the current reports. Konoe immediately dispatches Tatsumi to aid Tsuzuki in the operation and also call for reinforcement from the other sections.

Tsuzuki and Hisoka rush to the lower section of the ship. On the way, Hisoka notices Tsubaki-hime is not in her room. After looking around the lower section for some time, Tsuzuki finds a secret entrance. They move the wall to the side and enter a hidden room. There are cabinets on the sides of the room, and an operation table in the center. Hisoka and Tsuzuki are shocked as they observe the cabinets' contents. They turn at a sound from the door and see Tsubaki-hime standing there. She suddenly holds up a fruit knife and charges toward Hisoka.

~Commercial Break~
Hisoka grabs hold of Tsubaki-hime's hand and disarms the knife. As Tsuzuki and Hisoka stare at Tsubaki-hime's sudden change in shock, Tsubaki-hime reveals she is really "Irene”. It was her heart that was used in Tsubaki-hime's heart transplant. Tsubaki-hime had betrayed her trust and their friendship. Irene explains the real usage of Queen Camellia. It is used to help the Kakyouin Group transfer stolen human organs. Irene was but one of the many victims who were lured from Hong Kong and killed so their body parts can be used for others' benefits. Irene had killed Wakabayashi because he was the one who blackmails Kakyouin to continue the organ business. She had killed Muraki because he was the one who performed the operation, Kanako because she plans to continue blackmailing Kakyouin, and Kakyouin because he was the one who ordered to have the operation done. Before Irene can finish revealing the real mastermind behind the plans, Muraki shows up and shots her in the back. She collapses, falling into Hisoka's arms.

Tsuzuki and Hisoka are surprised to see Muraki alive. Muraki reveals that HE is the real mastermind. He is the man behind the "King of Swords" because he is both the advisor and the cruel man. He had proposed to Kakyouin in building Queen Camellia and starting the organ business because Kakyouin wanted to find a heart for his daughter. Because Irene was the only one whose heart qualified for Tsubaki-hime, she was picked as the donor. However, Kakyouin wanted out of the black market business after Tsubaki-hime's heart transplant. To keep Kakyouin in line, Muraki decided to "create" Irene. He told Tsubaki-hime the identity of the donor and manipulated her through her guilt. Everytime she took the medicine, he suggested to her that Irene still existed in her body; thus, creating another personality in her.

Just then, Tsubaki-hime returns to herself and looks up. She is glad Muraki is still alive, and confesses her love for him. Muraki leans down and takes the camellia from her collar. {Muraki: "But I don't love you."} Hisoka gets extremely angry at Muraki's indifferent attitude, since Tsubaki-hime cares for Muraki so much. {Muraki: "Love is just a meaningless term. It's fake."} Bombs explode somewhere on the ship, and Muraki tells them the ship is about to sink. He leaves the room and Tsuzuki chases after him. Hisoka holds Tsubaki-hime and asks why she still believes in Muraki.

Tsuzuki runs after Muraki and demands to know why Muraki did it. {Muraki: "I didn't know you would go undercover on this ship before. So afterwards I thought I should make this plan more interesting. First I provided her with the poison, then I told her to leave the tarot cards and the message cards. In other words, I did help with Irene's murders."}

Back in the hidden room, Hisoka is still with Tsubaki-hime.
{Tsubaki-hime: "I'm sorry. I made a bet with myself. If I could fall in love with you, I would have given up on the doctor. But, I lost."
Hisoka: "Why him? He doesn't even treat us like human beings. Throwing people away once he is tired of them, he only sees us as dolls."}

Meanwhile, Muraki and Tsuzuki have reached the deck. Tsuzuki demands Muraki provide an explanation for his doings, to which Muraki responds he is only using the ship as a tool for research. He is almost done with the experiment now, and will soon draw a conclusion to it. Tsuzuki is angry at how little feelings Muraki has for human life. Muraki says Tsuzuki is too sensitive about other people's death. {Muraki: "You've very sensitive to other people's death. Whenever someone dies in front of you, your soul slowly falls apart... That's what I like about you."} Tsuzuki tries to hit him, but Muraki dodges the attack and captures him instead.

Tsubaki-hime continues to talk to Hisoka.
{Tsubaki-hime: "Maybe I've been with him too long, so I can not tell if he is good or bad. However, I believe he lives to be a doctor. Because he was once someone who exists purely to save people."}

Muraki whispers next to Tsuzuki's ear and caresses his face. {Muraki: "This reminds me of the time when we first met. At first I only want to see you. How I want to caress your beautiful hair. And now... how much I want you. Again and again, my desire burns like the flames. You..."} Muraki turns Tsuzuki's face so he can kiss him. Tsuzuki's eyes widen and he pushes Muraki away. [It's up to you to decide whether Muraki succeeded, but if you check frame by frame after Tsuzuki's eyes widen, you would notice that he didn't. There was at least an one inch gap. XD] Another explosion rocks the ship and Tsuzuki is thrown backwards. Muraki escapes via a helicopter. {Muraki: Muraki: "Goodbye, Tsuzuki-san. I'll come see you soon with a hundred roses."}

Tsubaki-hime now requests Hisoka to kill her.

Elsewhere, GuShoShin flies around the ship calling out for Tsuzuki and Hisoka, while the ship's passengers start to panic. Tsuzuki is running back to the hidden room, calling out Hisoka's name.

Hisoka takes up the gun and aims it downwards...

{Tsubaki-hime: "Please don't be sad, Hisoka. Even though I cannot stay by your side anymore, you still have someone who cherishes you."}

Tsuzuki continues down the hall, which is now slightly flooded.

{Tsubaki-hime: "Someone who is by your side... Someone who loves you."}

Tatsumi, flying a helicopter, shows up above the Queen Camellia. He looks down in concern.

Meanwhile, Tsuzuki finally reaches the hidden room. He finds Hisoka leaning against one of the cabinets and staring at nothing. He goes up to Hisoka and shakes him. Hisoka looks up at him and whispers, "Tsuzuki..." Tsuzuki tells him the ship is about to sink and they leave the room.

Later, they are all on the helicopter. GuShoShin stays with Tatsumi in the front, while Tsuzuki and Hisoka sit in the back. Tatsumi is relieved that although the ship does sink, at least all the passengers are saved by the reinforcements and taken to Hong Kong. [The Enma Cho people have put the passengers to sleep via sleeping gas, and will eventually erase their memories regarding the incident.] As Tsuzuki starts to lean against the seat, Hisoka suddenly tells Tsuzuki that he has killed Tsubaki-hime. The bullet had gone straight through her heart.

~Insert flashback of Hisoka firing a shot. Something in him seems to break at this moment, and he drops the gun.~

Tears cascading down his cheeks, Hisoka opens the two hands he has been holding in fists to reveal blood on them. He cries into them, saying how he does not want this to happen. Tsuzuki starts to comfort Hisoka, who falls into his embrace. Tsuzuki holds him as he sobs.

In another helicopter, Muraki looks at the camellia in his hands. "What a pity," he whispers, and drops it out the open door. The petals fall apart as the camellia descends toward the sea.

this is the end of volume 3.

the fourth volume contains the kyoto chapter part 1-4.

Kyoto chapter (1)

In Kyoto. In a dark laboratory somewhere, Muraki is standing in front of a huge tank where several tubes are attached an object floating in the center. {Muraki: "My beloved, hurry and find me soon."}

In Enma Cho. Tsuzuki is lying on the ground among the cherry blossoms. Tatsumi shows up with some tea. {Tatsumi: "You'll get a cold if you fall asleep here."} Later, they are sitting at a table beneath the cherry trees.

{Tatsumi: "Under the sunset, these flower petals seem like pink snow. We have cherry blossoms here every season. What a luxurious place."
Tsuzuki: "Do you really think so?"
Tatsumi: "Huh?"
Tsuzuki: "It's only because flowers wither eventually that we think they are beautiful. People, too..."}

Tsuzuki touches the watch around his right wrist. Tatsumi looks concerned. Tsuzuki gets up and quickly says it's nothing. He leaves, since they have a mission briefing later.

In a dark room, Watari is showing them slides of the ten victims in the recent Kyoto homicides. All the victims share one similarity - a chunk of their hair has been cut off. Konoe tells Tsuzuki and Hisoka to go to Kyoto and help Watari with the case investigations.

Watari is showing the two shinigami around Kyoto.
{Watari: "It's currently maple season, and the good weather makes it the perfect touring season. Kyoto is my birthplace, so if you want to go sightseeing, let me know."} [He then proceeds to name several of Kyoto's famous food products.]
Hisoka: "Watari-san, aren't you from Osaka?"
Watari: "I grew up in Osaka, but I was really born in Kyoto. That's why my kansai-ban sounds weird."}

Tsuzuki cuts Watari off, asking him the real reason they are brought here. Since Kyoto is Watari's district, it's unusual for someone outside of it (aka Tsuzuki and Hisoka) to come along for the trip. Watari confesses it's because he wants to show them something. He takes out a plastic bag containing several strands of silver hair, originally found on the hand of one of the victims. Watari notes the color of the hair, and the two are instantly reminded of Muraki.

At a university, in the medical section, Muraki asks a group of female nurses (medical students?) where he can find Professor Satomi. After he leaves, the nurses gossip about how pretty he is, and whether he is a clone created by Satomi. Later that night, in the university’s affiliated high school, two girls lock up the library door and start on their way home. Mariko's friend Maki makes fun of her for believing in ghosts. When they pass by the university, Maki tells her that the university is rumored to be working on illegal human cloning. Mariko doesn't believe her, but when she looks up at a lighted window, she sees a dark shadow.

[In Japan, some colleges have their own affiliated high schools. Usually, graduated high school students who wish to enroll in colleges, as they have done to get into high school, must take entrance examinations. Public universities require both a national exam and another exam prepared by that university. Private universities require only one exam provided by that university. However, some colleges with affiliated high schools allow students with top grades there to enroll without additional examinations.]

In his office/lab, Professor Satomi is doing an experiment on keeping a heart beating. He fails, however, and comments how he needs more samples.

Muraki is staying with his friend Oriya, who runs a place called "Ko Kaku Rou”. Inside, Oriya is making some tea for Muraki.

{Oriya: "You're helpless. Don't you ever stop and think about what you're leaving behind for the people who have to clean up after you? How many people do you think there are so far?"
Muraki: "Nine, probably. Oriya, this tea is turbid."
Oriya: "Of course. And it's ten people."
Muraki: "Sorry about that. But with your power, it's easy to take care of it. On the surface, Ko Kaku Rou is a fancy restaurant, but in reality... It's a secret brothel for important politicians. Being the owner of this brothel, you can easily cover up the incidents using your good connections."
Oriya: "That's true, but still..."
Muraki: "I'm greatly indebted to you."
Oriya: "Geez. Why do I have someone like you as my friend?"}

Later, they are standing in the yard outside. Oriya says he has heard about the police finding some hair at the crime scenes. {Muraki: "Silver hair as thin as silk. Whose hair do you think they belong to?"} Oriya wonders if that's all right for Muraki, to which Muraki responds he is not stupid enough to get caught by the police.
{Muraki: "It's only a sign."
Oriya: "A sign?"
Muraki: "Yes. It's a sign to help the person I love to find me more sooner."}

Somewhere else. Watari is holding a map and trying to find the place they are staying for the night. [Strangely enough, none of the streets on the map are labeled. O_o;] Tsuzuki starts to image what kind of hotel it is and how he's going to enjoy taking a good shower there.
{Tsuzuki: "Hisoka, I'll wash your back for you."
Hisoka: "Do it yourself. I like to take a shower by myself."
Tsuzuki: "How cruel."}

They round a corner and finally find the place... a very worn temple. Later, Watari is working on his laptop, Tsuzuki is complaining on how stingy Tatsumi is, and Hisoka is out shopping for their dinner. Watari shows Tsuzuki that the silver hair's DNA matches Muraki's. Watari also wonders why Muraki, who is a perfectionist, would forgot to erase all evidences from the crime scene. Later, Tsuzuki wonders why Hisoka is taking so long.

Hisoka is walking back to the temple. He wonders if he had bought too much food, but thinks Tsuzuki will finish it anyway. Suddenly, he looks up and sees the red moon (tm). He notices a sandal falling from the long series of stone steps to his right. When he looks higher up the stairs, he sees blood, a woman's dead body, and someone's feet standing on long strands of hair. He drops the grocery bag. His eyes widen as he realizes the blood-soaked man on top of the stairs is Muraki.

{Muraki: "Oya, oya. It's you again?"
Hisoka: "Muraki."}

~Commercial Break~
Hisoka glares at Muraki, who says, "you really have the worst timings, boy." Muraki starts to descend, and Hisoka steps back a few steps. {Muraki: "Be careful you don't trip and fall. There's a legend here in Kyoto that if you fall on the stone steps, you will die within three years. Then again, I have already killed you."} Hisoka wants to know what Muraki is up to, and Muraki tells him to leave. Hisoka keeps demanding to know. Muraki gets annoyed and tells him so, since he has no obligations to answer. {Muraki: "You so annoying. Are you still thinking about the incident with Tsubaki-hime?"} At the mention of Tsubaki-hime's name, Hisoka has a flashback of Muraki shooting her in the back and her confession of love to Muraki.

Muraki provokes him more with words. {Muraki: "Thinking about 'like' and 'love' in her mind and dying like an idiot, she is just a worthless doll."} Angered, Hisoka charges at Muraki. However, Muraki captures his hands and twists them behind his back.
{Muraki: "You're too naive and angers too easily. That's why I say you're still a kid."
Hisoka: "Let me go..."
Muraki: "It seems like you need another lesson. On that day, the moon is as beautiful as tonight's moon."
Hisoka: "Stop..."}

Luckily for Hisoka, Tsuzuki shows up before Muraki has a chance to do anything. Muraki lets go of Hisoka and says he will take Tsuzuki to a place where they can talk. Tsuzuki promises Hisoka he will take care of it and leaves with Muraki.

The two end up at Oriya's place. Tsuzuki wants to know if Muraki is the murderer behind the homicides. Muraki confesses, adding that his goal is to lead Tsuzuki to him. Tsuzuki gets angry and attacks Muraki. Muraki catches his blow easily and restrains him. {Muraki: "You're so adorable. Because I love you so much, I want to drive you insane more and more. To make a pile of corpses in front of you..."} Muraki turns and notices Tsuzuki's watch. {Muraki: You wear your watch on your right wrist? Is this because you're left-handed? Or maybe it's to hide the wrist scars?"} At that, Tsuzuki goes limp and in shock. Muraki leaves the room.

Later that night, Muraki is studying some reports and smoking. In the reports, Muraki's grandfather detailed the conditions of the patient, including the first suicide, how the body function responds, and the last suicide which leads to the patient's death. {Muraki's grandfather: "January 1st, 1925. The patient survived his eighth year, never taking any food or fluid..."}

In the library, Maki asks Mariko to deliver a book to Professor Satomi. Mariko agrees. When she goes to Satomi's office, she sees Muraki there. As she leaves the building, she wonders whether Muraki is assisting Satomi on the illegal cloning project.

In the office, Satomi thanks Muraki again for helping him with the projects, and asks for more samples. Muraki shows him a picture, taken from his grandfather's reports. The patient in the picture has survived eight years without any intake of food or fluid. In fact, the man is still alive, looking the same as he has been 72 years ago on the night of his suicide. [The scene zooms up to the picture, showing an old, tattered photo of Tsuzuki lying on a hospital bed and covered in bandages.]

Elsewhere, Tsuzuki is depressed. He tells Hisoka about Muraki's plans and wonders how many more innocents will continue to die because of him.

Muraki enters an underground laboratory, equipped with security card entry and mechanical doors. He looks up at the huge tank. {Muraki: "How do you feel, Saki? Is it cold and dark inside?"} The object in the tank turns out to be a human head. {Muraki: "I'll have your body soon. When the time comes, Saki... it will truly be your death!"}

kyoto chapter (2)

Some scenes overlap from the last episode. Muraki shows Satomi a picture of a patient who has survived eight years without any intake of food or fluid. Muraki remarks how he has been looking for the man for years and now finally found him. The man still looks the same as he has been 72 years ago on the night of his suicide. [The scene zooms up to the picture, showing an old, tattered photo of Tsuzuki lying on a hospital bed and covered in bandages.]

Tsuzuki is walking in a mist of fog. Hisoka appears and calls out to him. Tsuzuki turns around and, after giving Hisoka a sad look, walks away. Hisoka calls out to Tsuzuki again and again...

...and wakes up in bed. He looks around and finds Watari still sleeping. Tsuzuki's bedsheets are empty.

Sitting outside a store, Tsuzuki looks at his right wrist and remembers what Muraki said about it. Hisoka appears and tells Tsuzuki that philosophy doesn't suit him. Hisoka offers to do some fortune telling for him and gives him some sweets. Tsuzuki thanks him and says he's fine now. Hisoka comments how Tsuzuki is very selfish because while he's very enthusiastic about solving other people's problems, he always keeps his own problems to himself. Tsuzuki says maybe so, but he would rather be the bad guy and keep quiet about it than having everyone know his secret and despise him later. Hisoka is very angry/disappointed, since this means Tsuzuki doesn't trust him enough to talk to him as a friend. Watari suddenly shows up in the air (literally) and tells them he has found the information on Muraki.

Oriya is in the yard practicing his sword skills. Muraki comes up behind him. When Oriya asks him about his project, Muraki replies it's in the final stages and no one can stop him now. After Muraki leaves, Oriya looks down sadly and murmurs to himself, "one one... can stop you?"

Watari and company are walking toward the university. Watari reports his findings, saying how Muraki shows up at the university once a month to visit his old professor Satomi. They end up in front of the school's incinerator. [^^;;;;;;;] Mariko and Maki notice them and want to know what is wrong. Hisoka asks them about the university’s location, and they tell him this is the university’s affiliate high school. Tsuzuki turns to Watari and accuses him of having no sense of direction. Mariko offers to take them to Satomi's office.

As Satomi is pondering about what Muraki told him about the patient in the picture, someone knocks on his door. He opens the door and is shocked to see Tsuzuki. After he plays dumb to Tsuzuki's questions, he shuts the door and gets really excited about the fact that what Muraki told him was true. Muraki appears from behind him. Satomi tells Muraki that he wants Tsuzuki as his experiment sample, to which Muraki agrees.

Later that day, Tsuzuki is keeping the fire burning under the bathtub. In the bath on the other side of the wall, Hisoka is bathing. They start talking about the professor's suspicious reaction. Hisoka suddenly calls Tsuzuki, who stands up and peeks through bathroom window. Hisoka asks if Tsuzuki wants to know the results of the fortune telling from earlier that morning. Tsuzuki is very excited and wants to know.
{Hisoka: "The affinity/compatibility between us..."
Tsuzuki: "Yeah? Yeah?"
Hisoka: "Is the biggest, absolutely worst... MISFORTUNE."
[Tsuzuki -> KOed]
Tsuzuki: "How mean..."
Hisoka: "However, the worst has already happened, so things won't get any more worse than it is now. Now we just wait for the result."}
Tsuzuki agrees and smiles.

That night, Tsuzuki and Hisoka are attending a festival. Tsuzuki really enjoys all the food. They meet Mariko and Maki, and Tsuzuki decides to get them a present with the target-shooting game. He fails to hit anything after several attempts, so Hisoka grabs the gun and shoots - and hits the teddy bear in one shot. The girls walk away happily with their presents. When they reach the end of the road, Muraki was waiting for them. He asks if they had seen a man in black suits, to which Maki answers yes. {Muraki: "How sad. You saw... shinigami."} Some evil creatures' eyes shine in the dark night.

Meanwhile, Tsuzuki is still trying to hit the target while Hisoka tries to give him some advice. They hear Mariko and Maki's screams and run to the scene, where they see some winged creatures eating Maki. Blood spills onto Tsuzuki's face. Muraki turns and his artificial eye glows an eerie blue light. {Muraki: "Tsuzuki-san, I've come to take you away."}

~Commercial Break~
Mariko faints after seeing Maki's horrible end. Muraki tells Tsuzuki that the creatures love to eat human flesh. The girl has to die because she has seen a shinigami - namely, Tsuzuki. The creatures start to advance on Tsuzuki, who does not react to Hisoka's warning to run because he is too immersed in the guilt of having more people die for his sake. Before the creatures reach Tsuzuki, however, shadows appear and kill them all. Muraki is surprised. Tatsumi shows up and warns Muraki not to pick on Tsuzuki anymore. The two exchanges their "greetings." Tatsumi attacks Muraki and warns him about the consequences of messing around with Meifu employees. {Muraki: "You sure live up to the title of shinigami. Looks like I won't be able to take Tsuzuki with me so easily. My clothes are dirty, too. I'll let it go for now. Until next time.} Muraki disappears within a cloud of mist.

Tsuzuki wakes up in a hotel bed. Tatsumi is sitting in a chair beside him, and tells him not to worry. Tsuzuki jumps into Tatsumi's embrace, startling the man. He blames himself for Maki's death.
{Tatsumi: "Don't say things like that. You didn't do anything wrong."
Tsuzuki: "But... but..."
Tatsumi: "Don't cry anymore. You're a man, aren't you?"
Tsuzuki: "Sorry... but..."
Tatsumi: "Don't worry about anything."}
Tatsumi puts Tsuzuki to bed. After he leaves the room, his expressions turn angry and determined. {Tatsumi: "The crime of hurting him thus... I'll make you pay back in doubles. Muraki Kazutaka."}

In another room in the same hotel, Hisoka is looking out the window and thinking to himself. He can tell Tsuzuki is afraid, but he doesn't know how to comfort or encourage him. Tatsumi enters the room and answers his questions about Tsuzuki's current condition. Hisoka tells Tatsumi that he will go investigate Satomi tomorrow with Watari, and wants Tatsumi to stay with Tsuzuki.

{Hisoka: "It's the first time I've seen him like that, and I don't know how to interact with him. Maybe I'll accidentally say something hurtful to him. You've been together a long time, so I'm sure he will be more comfortable with you."
Tatsumi: "I've only been with him for three months. I think you should know him better than all of us."
Hisoka: "But..."
Tatsumi: "Kurosaki-kun, time is not of essence here. At least you are learning how to care about others after being paired with Tsuzuki. Just treat him the same way you always do."
Hisoka: "Tatsumi-san..."
Tatsumi: "I'll do it for you this time, but you have to do it yourself next time. I think he will be happier that way, too."}

The next morning. Tatsumi and Tsuzuki are out shopping for souvenirs . Tsuzuki is worried about Hisoka's reaction to their slacking off, but Tatsumi tells him that it is Hisoka's idea that they relax for the day. They continue to go sightseeing around Kyoto.

Meanwhile, Watari and Hisoka arrive at the university. Watari has an idea to lure Satomi out with a bag of hair sample. When Satomi sees the hair on his desk, he automatically thinks it belongs to Muraki. Watari and Hisoka show up before him, pointing out that the professor must have been keeping in contact with Muraki. Watari tells Satomi to do some research about how Muraki obtain those hair samples.

Tatsumi and Tsuzuki have another talk while relaxing in a coffee shop. Tsuzuki decides that he will not leave anymore sad memories in this city. He will do his best to protect Mariko, even if Muraki has set his eyes on killing her.

In the affiliate high school's morning assembly, the students are gossiping about Maki's death and wonder if Mariko is the murderer. The principal announces that they have some new teachers and transfer student. In order, the eldest son, Tatsumi Seiichirou, who is in charge of mathematics. The second son, Asato, teaches current events. The third son, Yutaka, teaches of science. The fourth son, Hisoka. The girls go crazy about how good looking they are, while Mariko worries about them coming here to kill her.

Elsewhere in his office, Satomi is checking out the old newspaper articles. He reads about the murder cases and the fact that all the victims are missing a chunk of hair.

Muraki is in the dark laboratory again, looking at the floating head. {Muraki: "Tsuzuki-san, you still want to protect someone even at this point. You're a really kind person. This kindness will become your fatal weakness. Don't you think so, Saki?"}

kyoto chapter (3)

In the school, Mariko keeps running into Tsuzuki, Tatsumi, Watari, and Hisoka. She is extremely frightened of them, now that she knows they are shinigami and after her. [the water fountain scene is freaky. something wrong with the faucet?]

During lecture, Tsuzuki is talking about how it's normal for boys/men to be attacked/molested on the streets in the Meiji Era. He almost spills his background when some students ask how he knows these weird facts. Hisoka stops him by throwing a book at him and flexes his knuckles. {Hisoka: "Sensei, stop wasting our time on pointless facts and hurry up with the lecture." Tsuzuki (SD-ed into puppy and cowering in the corner): "S..sorry~"} The class laughs at Tsuzuki for letting his younger brother walk all over him. Mariko can't stand it, and wonders how they can laugh at shinigami.

Tsuzuki and Hisoka follow Mariko on her way home. She almost gets hit by a car, and Tsuzuki rescues her in time. Instead of feeling gratitude, Mariko yells at Tsuzuki and blames him for making her life a living hell. She runs off and leaves Tsuzuki kneeling on the ground. Hisoka tells Tsuzuki not to mind her harsh words, and Tsuzuki replies that he has resolved to protect her no matter what, even if she only ends up hating him.

In the secret lab, Muraki is talking to Saki. He has a flashback to the time when he first met him. Muraki had been in his teens, and he could only gape in shock as his father introduced him to his new "brother." He won't forgive his father for making another woman pregnant on the same day he was also conceived. Still, Muraki tried to get along with Saki. That is, until their father passed away, and Muraki saw Saki smile at the funeral procession. When Saki tried to kill Muraki with a Japanese sword later, Muraki confirmed his long suspicion that Saki had killed their father and Muraki's mother. Before Saki had the chance to kill Muraki, the servant Sakaki shot and killed him instead. Back to present, Muraki tells Saki's severed head that he has lived for the past 16 years just so he can finally punish Saki and kill him with his own hands. Tons of CG feathers appear from the ceiling as Muraki starts his maniacal laughter fit. [Ahh, there's just something about villains. *_*]

Just as Professor Satomi begins to suspect Muraki of killing the girls mentioned in the news, Muraki shows up in his office. Satomi quickly hides the newspapers. Muraki asks Satomi to help him with a trap.

One afternoon in class, Tsuzuki accidentally gives himself a paper cut. The girls in the class go crazy trying to be the one to walk him to the school clinic. Eventually, Tsuzuki goes to the clinic (by himself) so the girls won't fuss over him, even though the wound heals right away. When he opens the door to the clinic, however, he sees Muraki. Muraki says he is substituting for the clinic doctor, but also uses the chance to taunt Tsuzuki. Muraki switches the topic and asks Tsuzuki to go see a Noh play with him that night since he has extra tickets. Someone, using the school intercom, asks Mariko to go to the office for a phone call from her mother. After Mariko leaves the room, Hisoka realizes the voice belongs to Satomi. [A little slow, aren't we, Hi-chan?] Back in the clinic, Muraki starts touching a non-resisting [doushite?!] Tsuzuki, saying that if Tsuzuki refuses to go with him, Mariko will die. Just as Tsuzuki starts to object, Hisoka bursts into the room to tell him Mariko has been taken.

That night, at the Noh performance, Tsuzuki reminds Muraki to keep his promise not to harm Mariko. Muraki agrees, but wants Tsuzuki to answer some questions for him. Muraki starts to explain the Noh play until Tsuzuki interrupts and demands to know what he really wants. Muraki shows him a picture that has Tsuzuki from 72 years ago. Tsuzuki doesn't remember. Muraki explains the time Tsuzuki spent at his grandfather's hospital, where Tsuzuki was insane most of the time. Tsuzuki did not eat, drink, nor sleep for a long time, merely wasting away and waiting to die. Muraki then goes on to say Tsuzuki's purple eyes is a sure sign that he's not human. The assumption is further confirmed when he found, in his grandfather's research papers, evidences of non-human genes in Tsuzuki's body. Tsuzuki slowly holds his injured wrist. Muraki turns and asks if Tsuzuki is really human. The scene changes into that with a black background surrounded by more CG feathers. Muraki finally kisses Tsuzuki, whose eyes are glazed over. Tsuzuki has regained the memories of his life before death.

~Commercial Break~
Muraki tells Satomi that he doesn't need him anymore and they are to have no more connections. Satomi wants to know why, especially since he still needs Tsuzuki as a test subject. Muraki reveals he was only interested in the professor's research, but the professor kept failing to make any progress. Satomi gets mad and smashes some glasses. Then, Muraki explains their greatest difference. Whereas Satomi's research is aimed at helping humankind to live longer, Muraki's goal in the medical field is to kill people. Satomi thinks Muraki is crazy, and accidentally knocks over some books, revealing the newspapers on the recent murders. Muraki smirks and stabs Satomi in the stomach with a knife. {Muraki: "Please take the responsibilities for my crime and die for me. Goodbye, professor."} Satomi falls down, dead. Muraki turns to look at the sleeping Mariko on the bed, and takes out a container wtih a centipede in it. {Muraki: "Tsuzuki-san, I'm keeping my promise to return the girl to you."}

Tsuzuki and Hisoka are in a bar/cafe, and Tsuzuki gets really drunk. He confesses to Hisoka he's not reallly human, and wonders what he is. He recalls the time in his childhood, when he was bullied because he was different. Unable to deal with the memories, Tsuzuki runs outside and starts banging his head against a wall. [O_o;;] Hisoka runs after him and tries to stop this self-torture, and Tsuzuki switches to banging his head against a box instead. Hisoka finally grabs him, and feels the full blast of Tsuzuki's memories and pain. {Hisoka: "Difference, persecution, loneliness, and guilt for just being alive..."} The young Tsuzuki knew he was different, but he only wanted to be with normal people, and to *be* human. Hisoka holds up Tsuzuki by the collar and says that Tsuzuki is human, and he will even vouch for it.
{Hisoka: "You are human! I can vouch for you."
Tsuzuki: "Hisoka..."
Hisoka: "You've always been a human. So, don't cry anymore."}
Hisoka gently wipes away Tsuzuki's tears and holds him. The two stay there as it starts to snow.

Later, Tsuzuki is sitting in Hisoka's lap. He asks if he's human, and Hisoka answers yes. Tsuzuki smiles. Mariko suddenly walks past them and collapses. Hisoka drops Tsuzuki, whose head hit the ground hard, and rushes over to her. [*ouch* >.<] They take her back to Enma-chou, and Watari says she will be fine after some rest. Tsuzuki decides he will stay and watch over her that night.

Afterwards. Hisoka is practicing kendo. Watari is working on his computer stuff and Tatsumi's with him. Tsuzuki is sleeping on a chair next to Mariko's bed. Muraki from elsewhere, summons Mariko awake and orders her to kill the one who made her suffer, the one she hates. Mariko's body starts changing.

Tsuzuki starts to wake up, and when he looks up, Mariko the Centipede smashes him against the wall. Tsuzuki recognizes the monster as Mariko just as she charges at him again. Meanwhile, Watari and Tatsumi are telling Chief Konoe about Muraki's plan. The alarm sounds suddenly and they rush toward Tsuzuki's direction.

Tsuzuki dodges Mariko's attacks, but refuses to fight back. He has several flashbacks to the people from the previous episodes, and thinks to himself that he doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore. When he opens his eyes, he realizes Suzaku has appeared to protect him. Tsuzuki asks Suzaku to stop, but she won't because it is her duty to protect her master. Tsuzuki screams as he feels/hears Mariko's painful cries under Suzaku's flames. {Mariko: "It's hot! Pain! Someone save me! YOU MURDER!!"}

Everyone shows up and wonder what has happened. Hisoka feels Tsuzuki's emotions and almost doubles over. Tatsumi comments on how Tsuzuki has finally lost it. Hisoka then starts to run towards Tsuzuki, but Tatsumi stops him because it is too dangerous. Suzaku is protecting Tsuzuki like a mother bird protecting her chicks, and she will attack anyone who gets too close. Hisoka feels Tsuzuki's thoughts again, this time with a hint at goodbye.
{Tsuzuki: "Someone died again. I can't change anything. I can't take this anymore."
Hisoka: "Tsuzuki.."
Tsuzuki: "Thank you all."}

Hisoka starts to run forward, but Tatsumi again stops him. Watari suddenly sees feather falling from the sky. They look up, and Muraki suddenly appears from above with a whole bunch of feathers around him. Muraki picks up the dazed Tsuzuki and they both disappear as Hisoka tries to jump up to the top of the crumbling rocks. {Hisoka:"Tsuzukiiiiiiiiii~~~~~"}

kyoto chapter (4)

It is nightime. Muraki and Oriya are talking in one of the fields in a temple. Muraki likes the atmosphere there; yet, because Muraki has the tendency to think wild thoughts in places like that, Oriya is worried about him. Muraki hands Oriya a card and asks him to use it as a distraction for the shinigami that are coming after him. He needs as much time as possible to complete his project. He promises this will be the last time to bother Oriya. Oriya gets angry and grabs Muraki. {Oriya: "Stop it! Don't make this sound like your will! Why can you only talk like this? Why?"} Defeated, Oriya sinks to the ground. Muraki says it can't be helped because he has been programmed that way, and leaves. Oriya continues to kneel on the ground, and covers his face with his hands.

The next morning, Satomi's body is found under a bridge. The police believe Satomi was the one behind all the recent murders. Tatsumi, Watari, and Hisoka watch from behind the crowd. As they walk away, Watari remarks how the only one who knows the truth behind Muraki's conspiracy is now dead. Hisoka suddenly speaks up, saying how Tsuzuki probably won't be coming back to them anymore. Tatsumi tries to cheer him up, because if even Hisoka gives up on Tsuzuki, they will never be able to rescue Tsuzuki from Muraki. Hisoka is still not hopeful, since even if they managed to save Tsuzuki, he may not remember them anymore. Tatsumi counters this by saying despite that, they will still remember Tsuzuki. Tsuzuki will always be there as long as he exsits in their memories, and the chance is not yet zero. Tatsumi's encouragement works, and Hisoka is now determined to get Tsuzuki back.

Watari does some research and finds information on Oriya's hotel, which is the best place for Muraki to hide. They arrive at the hotel, and Oriya greets them. Hisoka demands to know where Muraki is hiding. Oriya replies he's in the laboratory under the university, adding that the person they are looking for is probably also there. They start to leave, but Oriya stops them again, saying how it would be useless to try breaking Muraki's barrier without the entrance card. Hisoka is going to have a duel with Oriya, in which the winner can keep the card. Hisoka declares he cannot lose, to which Oriya says the same, because he has made a promise to Muraki. Tatsumi and Watari can only watch, since they don't know any martial arts to quality for fighting Oriya.

Muraki and Tsuzuki are in the lab. Tsuzuki is wearing a loose yukata. Muraki holds him and whispers how he has waited for this moment for a long time. A drop of tear slids down Tsuzuki's cheeck, and Muraki wipes it away. {Muraki: "Are you having a nightmare again? It's okay, because you won't ever have to dream again."}

During the fight, Oriya repeatedly inquires about Hisoka's intention to fight him. Oriya easily defeats Hisoka, giving him a fatal blow in the process. Oriya declares himself the winner, but Hisoka struggles to stand up to fight him again. Tatsumi and Watari rush over to hold him. Hisoka explains why he must fight for Tsuzuki. It is because Tsuzuki has helped him so much, accepts him without question, and protects him. Now it's his turn to save Tsuzuki. {Hisoka: "This time, I want to be the power to save him!"} Oriya is impressed, and accepts his challenge. They fight again.

Hisoka thinks to himself how he has finally found a place he can call home and feel all its warmth, but it's all owed to Tsuzuki. He decides he is fighting to save Tsuzuki. Oriya realizes Hisoka's indecisions are gone. Hisoka charges at Oriya again, and this time the match ends with blood running down Oriya's forehead. Oriya admits defeat, much to Hisoka's confusion. Hisoka tells Oriya to fight him again, because he needs to win so he can go save Tsuzuki. {Oriya: "Boy, even a crazed person has his reasons. Even he is fighting for his own reasons like you."}

Oriya gives them the card, because he doesn't think he has the right to hold it. Hisoka hesitates a bit, then takes the card and leaves with the other two. Oriya wonders if it's all right, and turns to look at the sky. {Oriya: "Is this... really all right? Don't die, Muraki."}

In the laboratory, Muraki holds a knife next to Tsuzuki's body, declaring the beginning of the operation that will transfer Tsuzuki's body parts to Saki. He laughs.

~Commercial Break~
Tsuzuki is lying on the table and dreaming. He sees a younger version of himself cutting white roses. The boy explains he's cutting the extra buds off so the roses will continue to grow more beautifully. It's a standard technique used for rose breeding. Tsuzuki feels sorry for the roses, because life is precious and it's such a pity for them to die after they reach this point in life. The boy turns around. {Young Tsuzuki: "Asato. You're a murder. You're like these roses, killing others in order to survive."} Tsuzuki denies the accusation, so the boy asks him to look behind him. Tsuzuki turns and sees piles and piles of blood-soaked white roses. The boy laughs. Tsuzuki shouts that he doesn't want to kill anyone.

Muraki is standing before a table. Just as he turns around, Tsuzuki appears from behind and stabs him with a knife. The wound is fatal and Muraki collapses to the ground, surprised at Tsuzuki's action. Tsuzuki wishes to die because his existence is not allowed, and says he will take Muraki with him. Tsuzuki summons Touda, telling him to destroy everything. Muraki states that even if Tsuzuki kills him, he will still remain unhealed from the deep wound in his heart. {Muraki: "We can't escape, you and I... because we are the descendants of darkness."}

Hisoka-tachi arrive at the laboratory entrance. Hisoka inserts the card into the card slot and the door opens to reveal fire. They recognize it as Touda's flames.

Muraki talks to Saki as he is dying and slowly losing his vision. He refuses to die like that, however, and attempts to get up. He declares if he has to die, he will die only after killing Saki first. His mechanical eye glows brightly. He starts to laugh, but the laughter soon turns into painful moans.

Hisoka finds Tsuzuki's figure in the flames and starts to go into the room. Watari stops him, explaining how Touda's flames are strong enough to kill even shinigami like them. Hisoka doesn't understand why they are just going to leave Tsuzuki there, to which Tatsumi says perhaps it's for the best, since Tsuzuki has summoned Touda with the determination to die and it's pointless to stop him. Hisoka doesn't agree, and runs inside anyway. {Hisoka: "Even if this is what he wants, I will never accept it!"} Looking at Hisoka's back, Watari comments how respecting others' opinion is good, but it's also not wrong to act on your own. Tatsumi smiles and agrees.

Tsuzuki is leaning against the wall and surrounded by flames. He thinks it's best if he dies, and asks Touda to burn everything. He hears Hisoka shouting his name and turns to the side. Hisoka calls him to come to him. When Tsuzuki doesn't move, Hisoka thinks Tsuzuki is injured and cannot move by himself. He teleports to Tsuzuki's side and holds out his hand. Yet, Tsuzuki refuses to go with him. He has lived long enough, he says, and he is tired. Hisoka is wounded by his words, and jumps into his arms. {Hisoka (sobbing): "Live for me then! I don't want to be alone anymore! The only place I can be... is with you. Only... by you side..."} Tsuzuki is surprised at this outburst, and hugs Hisoka back as he comtemplates the words. {Tsuzuki: "Can I... stay by your side?"} Hisoka nods yes for answer, and Tsuzuki lets out a happy sigh.

The place collapses entirely, as firefighters try to extinguish the fire from outside the building.

Oriya, in his hotel, wonders if Muraki has indeed left.

Back in Meifu's Enma-chou, Chief Konoe and the Earl are drinking tea at the Earl's mansion. They comment on the changes that have occurred between the two people, and plan to observe more. [Hisoka and Tsuzuki, that is.]

In the clinic, Tsuzuki is sitting up in bed. Tatsumi is in a chair before him, cutting apples. Tatsumi wants to know if it was a right decision to rescue Tsuzuki, or whether it was wrong to take away Tsuzuki's choice to die. He envies Hisoka for being able to make up his mind and sticks to his belief so strongly. Tsuzuki replies that he understand why Tatsumi's feelings, and thanks him for saving his life. Someone knocks on the door, and Watari, the owl, Wakaba, and the two GuShoShin brothers burst into the room with some cake. Terazuma is standing outside. They see Hisoka's empty bed and wonder where he went.

Hisoka is standing outside. Tsuzuki appears behind him, and the two take a walk around the sakura trees. Tsuzuki asks about Hisoka's health, and Hisoka comments he should be asking the same thing, and how Tsuzuki is always making people worry for him. Tsuzuki thanks Hisoka for saving him, which embarasses Hisoka a lot. Hisoka lifts up one of his sleeves and shows Tsuzuki the still visible curse markings, a sign that Muraki is still alive. Tsuzuki is not too surprised, because Muraki won't die so easily.
{Hisoka: "Oh well. For everyday he is alive, I will have a place to look forward to living. And eventually... I will surpass him."
Tsuzuki: "That's true. I believe you will be able to accomplish that... as long as we are together."}

This concludes my summary of descendants of darkness.Hope you enjoyed it!